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In this discussion please list any issues that you would like members of this site to pray about. Feel free to say that your request is unspoken for those things that are just too personal to make public. Once you post your request here, there will be hundreds of site members praying for you by name! We pray for these requests daily. :-)

There is now a "Prayer Warrior" Group set up to pray for all of these petitions and praises:
Prayer Warrior Group

Please write your prayer request or praise below.

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One of my colleagues had a heart attach over the weekend and is still in the ICU at our main hospital, PMH. Please, pray for his full recovery and pray also that God uses this experience to draw him to a close relationship with God. Thank you!
If two or more of you pray about something which is in harmony with heaven,my Father will answer your prayer according to His wisdom. Matthew 18:19

Lets continue to pray for all our brothers and sisters who are suffering from their health especially i would like to include my friend eric who is also dealing and experiencing health problems,i know that all this suffering and hardship will produces strength of character,and character gives us unshakable hope.
I will defenantly pray for your friend... God bless=]
Yes brother , we are a force when are united in prayer. I have a personal testmony and things happen when God's people get down on thier knees for a brother or sister experiencing storms in thier live/s. I will pray for him. god bless you
Bro. ashley...I will include your prayer this midnight...believe that you already received your request, for with God, everything is possible..God Bless you and your friend..

May God bless Him and you too my friend.I'll pray he'll get better soon.:)
I will definitely pray for u

Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the Only True God, and Jesus Christ, whom you sent. (Jn 17:3 Today's NIV)


Lord Jesus may Ashley's friend reach for your hand as the only true life preserver during this trategy and for eternity.

Well I have a few requests but they are kinda personal but my main request is that my daughter continues in her quest for God and to let him lead her life daily. Please pray for our relationship as she is getting older.

Also pray that my mom and sister come back to the true Sabbath. Thank you.

And Aurthurton I'm praying for your friend.

And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you because you obey the voice of the Lord your God (Deut 28:2)


Lord Jesus may Cherylann's loved ones hear your voice. Cherylann has labored to sow the good seed of truth in lives of those closest to her and may your blessing be added so that their hearts respond as the good soil and come to experience that life of blessing. Maranatha


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