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God hates divorce why is it that our church to some extent allow remarriage of those divorced while Christ made it clear that remarriage of divorces is sin,can somebody out there come with proper biblical evidence that support remarriage for the divorced.

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  • Hello members I found this forum, And I wanna resurrect it. Since we have been speaking about Divorce in the previous threads.
well this is difficult but I wonder what Jesus meant in Matt 5:31-32..I don't know if He meant anyone who marries the divorced woman (meaning anyone divorced or the one divorced not for marital unfaithfulness.) commits adultery.
Tobby, the truth is what u have clearly stated and try as much as i can, i can't understand the support for divorce especially when the person freely consented to the marriage
Hello, this is not something to be taken lightly. There are some persons who are forced into marriages based on their cultures. What if there was no love at the start of the relationship? An arrangement like a business deal for the benefit of the parents. do you think God sanctioned that union?


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