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how effective is fellowship?
is it fullfilling its purpose? if non what can be done ?

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I believe fellowship is crucial to us bringing others to Christ, living in Christ, and staying in Christ.

If you have ever moved to a new town where you did not know anyone... you sure miss that fellowship! In fact, it has been shown that members are over 50% more likely to continue going to church if they have one or more friends there. Without friends and fellowship... they are much more likely to slip away.

A study in Britain showed that 6% of the entire population there that currently aren't attending church WOULD go to church if they received a personal invitation from someone they knew. That's three million MORE people that would come to church in England if only someone they knew invited them. Wow! We better start inviting people. :-)

I think we need to go to extra efforts to be friendly, hospitable, and supportive of all we meet. Adventists... the friendly people!
We are social creatures. God has given us each a need and desire to have relationships with others, friendships, love, etc. We are here to be a light to others, to be friends with others, to love others and to share Him with others. Without fellowship how can that be accomplished?
these are very good points that you guys are making i agree to the fullest . i posted it for the benefits of the introvert christians who dont see the neccessity of fellowship. there are some who come to church and leave immediately and no mater how many invittaions they get to socialize they dont come.thanks for replying.


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