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Should a huband divorces his wife because of infertility. viceversa.

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The Bible is clear on that, no divorce if and only if one is "unfaithful"
Everything works for the good of those who trust him, so if a lady is infertile the Lord who gives and takes saw a good reason for her to be in that state.
There's adoption so infertility is a weak reason for divorce.
Infertility, is the inability of a couple to achieve pregnancy within 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse. Research has it that 1 out of every 4 couples will find it difficult conceiving. So it is not a new thing. There are different causes of infertility, which could either come from the husband or the wife; Ranging from ovulation problems, tubal problems, uterine problems, age issues, to sperm problems. In a few cases, the cause is unexplained. But thank God for science. Today, there are a lot of treatments for infertility, generally called Assisted Reproduction Techniques which includes ovulation induction, Intrauterine Insemination, Invitrofertilization, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, etc. These methods have been quite successful in helping couples achieve pregnancy. Even in older couples and men that do not have sperm cells, there is room for gamete (egg or sperm) donation to help them conceive. The good news is that, these services are now available even in developing countries. Even if all these methods fail, there is also room for adoption. Besides, marriage is not just all about children.

I am explaining all these, to let the couple in question know that, THERE IS A SOLUTION TO INFERTILITY, WHICH DEFINITELY IS NOT DIVORCE. Now if the cause of the infertility is from the partner asking for the divorce, even if he/she remarries, the problem will still continue. I think the best thing is to investigate the cause of the infertility, and look for solution.

Now Biblically, Abraham did not divorce Sarah because she had no child, Elkanah did not divorce Hannah because she was barren. The list goes on and on and on. The only justifiable reason for divorce is INFIDELITY, NOT INFERTILITY. So, rather than think of divorce, think of the good things that attracted you to your partner and pray to God, to give you your inheritance; the gift of children whom he has promised his own people.
This i dare say is a matter of my heart and i am going to answer honestly since I am married and have not had the pleasure of bearing fruits. Should my husband divorce me if i am not able to have children and should i him?

The bible is clear on the matter of divorce, what God had joined together let no man put asunder. Also, because of the hardness of our hearts he allowed it in the case of adultery only. When i think about this question, we really have no control of our ability to have children or not, children are a blessing from God and as such given by him.

I would hope that my husband would understand that i am hurting maybe more than he is about this, but that is no reason to divorce me or me him. I would assume that visits and checks by the doctors have been exhausted and in that case i would say Let go and let God. If the desire for a child is so strong there are options like adoption.

I understand the need to have your own child and i also understand the pain that comes with not being able to give your husband that child from your own womb (every woman's dream) but you need to Love each other enough to deal with it together and not blame the other.

This is so personal for me and forgive me if i come across as being emotional (proof that i am a woman) but as much as i want children in my life God may have a bigger or better plan for me. He may be saying no - that this will cause you pain or he may be saying wait on him in that case he wants to teach us patience and complete reliance on him. It is not an easy issue but the bottom line is, that is not reason to put away or divorce.

Permit me to say too that the church and world can be cruel in this regard, they measure you by the womb. Too many times i have heard, "when you going to get pregnant" or "what you waiting for" unknow to them the pain that i am going through as if i were able to just flick on that pregnant switch. Mother's day and father's day in church are targetted only to those who have produced and makes the pain even worst on those like myself who have none, not by our choosing but because of circumstances beyond our control.

And we sit in our seats at church and softly cry, "Pass me not o gentle savior, hear my humble cry, while on others though at calling do not pass me by"

If you want out of your marriage....... I am sorry that is not it......For better or worst ...... till death....
God bless you Laurena, Your words have touched me and given me courage.
  • For better or worse, till death God bless you!
I am grateful that even in my pain i am able to help someone on the way...I did not get to this point in a day... I had some help from my Heavenly Father. I claimed his promises and day by day i am climbing my ladder of trials one step at a time,

Here's some thing to remember:

If the request is wrong, God says "NO"
If the timing is wrong, God says "Slow"
If you are wrong, God says "Grow"
But if the request is right, the timing is right and you are right,
God says "Go"

Also ask yourself

If God granted this request :
would it bring glory to him?
would it advance his kingdom?
would it help people?
would it help me to grow spiritually?

I am not making light of this situation, especially since i am there, but God is faithfull to keep us always in what ever we are going through. God bless
What!? No way! With all the children needing adoption, they would be ministering to that need.
Also, all infertility is not permanant. Marriage is for love, not propagation.
In my opinion I don't think so that the husband should divource his wife because of being a barren woman. Abraham also never tried to divorce Sarah, Elkanah never tried to divorce Hannah while they were barren women.

It is a fair divorce only if one of the spouses is unfaithful to another one by adultery.

If the couple really need children ask to the Lord. If there is no sign there are many orphans who are left without home, without food.... take them home and feed them and raise them...

Thank you
Of course not. I don't know about how it is in other countries or cultures, but when I said my vows at my wedding ceremony I said "in sickness and in health, for better or for worse..." Unless someone's vow's include a contract to bear children it makes no sense to consider divorce--considering divorce is selfish in such a situation. It's saying that you value the hope of children (children who do not yet exist) MORE than the person you vowed your partnership and love to.

It is not a CHOICE to be infertile. I think divorcing over fertility is about as bad as divorcing someone because he or she has cancer. I wouldn't say that infertility is a disease, but it certainly is a biological issue over which the person has no control.

Besides if a person can't handle life without children then they can adopt. There are countless orphans in the world needing a loving family who knows Jesus. Why throw away a marriage because you can't pass on YOUR genetic material?
If there is infertility you can still help your spouse. This is not the time to think of divorce. For the real Adventist, "Heaven is our goal, to save every soul". You can encourage your spouse to make heaven instead of thinkg about divorce. "Seek ye ... the kingdom of God, and ALL these things shall be added..."
Not if he truly loves her!
I suppose he might want to .... but if he is a Christian .... well ... you know the answer to that ....
I don't think people should get divorced over infertility. I would adopt if I wanted children and couldn't have any. I am not sure I'd want to go through IVF and such.


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