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i personally believe that ther will be persons that will be saved that has never kept the Sabbath day Holy.they had a very close relationship with God and lived a christian life

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I believe that is true also, for those who do not know about the Sabbath. Why would God turn us away for something we didn't know? He's the Author of love.
AMEN! The bible says: We will be judged, according to the LIGHT what we have. James 4: 17 GOD BLESS US ALL!
this is certainly true, for the bible says God winks at us in our innocence. he doesnt punish us for something we don't know. But woe unto those who know but don't obey . Let us walk in the light as God is light
i love what you wrote and as adventist that is exactly what we do put too much emphasis on the sabbath and not on the saving power of Jesus. i thank you for your comment . GOD BLESS
Sabbath day is for us to rest from all our worldly work and enjoy God's words and his creation. Although I agree that keeping sabbath alone will bring that someone to heaven. There are many other things that matters as well. It tends to be very difficult nowadays to keep a holy sabbath due to many things that come up on way in today's corrupted world. God is ever knowing. He knows in and out of your own heart on the reasons why you couldn't keep sabbath. There have been many explanation / interpretation given by many people regarding this stating that we shouldn't even cook on sabbath day but remember what Jesus said to the Pharisees when he pluck wheat in the wheat field.

There are many things happening around us. For an example, the Bible says that all your household, servants, animal should keep the sabbath holy but in today's world, how many people are working for us to ensure everything goes right. Think of the people working in Electric, Telecommunication provider, water supply, etc. Are these not our servants? Technically they are working for us and we are paying them for their service and this includes working on sabbath as well. How can we define then that we are keeping sabbath completely?

All I can say is we are not perfect being, we can just try make things perfect and if it turns out its not then we have console ourselves that atleast we took the initiative to make it perfect rather than doing nothing. That is what God looks, He sees on our intention and our action. Remember the parable Jesus said regarding the 1 cent, 3 cents & 5 cents.

Last but not least, I would like to say that there are many things that we can do on Sabbath day while resting and enjoying God's creation. Let us clear our mind to have the intention of keeping Sabbath as best as we can. Dont worry too much if you cant keep it completely. Say it in a prayer and God would definitely make a help you to make a difference. God bless you all.

I've found out in the Spirit of Prophecy that .."Ignorance of God's word is sin" and I can't judge the people who do not keep the Sabbath. Perhaps most of them doesn't know the Sabbath truth yet. I agree with what Bro. Jaymark said, we will be judged according to the light we received. If we won't live the truth we received,that's the problem. It's our burden to let them know the importance of searching the Scriptures..."The truth shall set you free" John 8:32
During the Millerite movement, they observed Sunday as day of worship. I can't say that William Miller who died without knowing the Sabbath truth won't go to heaven..."Not all who profess to keep the Sabbath will be saved."-EGW...Yeah, it's our relationship with Jesus that will help us follow Him, we will not be saved by our works, by keeping the commandments..we will be saved by grace and faith of Jesus...and the faith of Jesus is not dead, it has works...we follow Jesus because of our love, response to Him, because He first loved us.
The challenge left to us now is to live the truth as it is in Jesus and share the truth...the GOSPEL to all the world...Isa 58:13-14, Matt.28:19-20
Yes I agree with what you and Bro Jaymark have said. Only God can judge us. None of us should judge anyone among us.

In my experience, I've seen people who come to church every week without missing a sabbath but after church they do their own work. I've also seen people who come to church occasionally with heavy heart and sincere prayer. We can only see from their exterior but only God knows their heart.

There have been a time that I've seen some members judge a particular member who goes to work on sabbath with heavy heart. The judgement did a bad thing that the poor soul fell out of our ring and with hardened heart promised to never come to church.

My personal believe is that we should never let someone down in spirit, we should always pass positive marks to those souls and sincerely pray for them. Thats is what our responsibility as a family. When one member is in trouble, we must always stand beside them and comfort.

May God bless that poor soul that he may return to church. I'm praying for him. I hope all of you can pray for him as well.
I read everyone's comment. It's true that the sabbath is not a salvation issue, but is not the God we serve a particular God? of course he is.!!! John 14:15 says- If you love me keep my commandments! keeping the sabbath-seventh day Holy is one of God's commandment.

We should not only be a hearer of the word but also a doer!

God bless
All who think that the Sabbath day issue is not important you wait on till the sunday LAW is pass then tell me about the new covenant.
Bretheren,it so important that we keep in mind the great commission given in Rev 14: 6-12. Yes there are people who never kept the sabbath that will be saved,Jesus said other sheep I have which are not of this flock.Nevertheless they will keep the sabbath before we get to heaven.The journey to heaven takes a week and we will stop to observe the sabbath on one of the other worlds.
God has not changed,and he never will,so are his words.I AM GOD I CHANGETH NOT.The ten commandments are the standard by which we will be judged.Let no one think that the sabbath is not important.The time is fast approaching when we will have to choose between God's sabbath or the man made sabbath.Thats when the rubber hits the road,what will you do ? will we turn to the other side and forget what we know to be true and correct to avoid persecution.The sabbath will be kept in heaven,He said from one new moon to another and from one sabbath to another will all people come to worship me.
Let us now prepare our selves for the times ahead for it shall not be easy.We cannot say we didn't know.
Yes I agree also. God looks at the heart also.


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