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Jokes - Should a christian laugh at or give any joke? Let's hear you view.

Should a christian indulge in any joke?

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Personally, I don't see anything bad in giving or laughing at jokes. World would have been so boring, without any sense of humour. Jokes some times could do a work of correction in someones life. I believe the motive behind it matters a lot as a Christian. Are you trying to make people happy, mock or hurt someone.
Christians are supposed to be happy people. Happy people usually tell jokes and I see nothing wrong with a good joke. I was raised by a man that loves a good joke and he is a retired minister. I have been the instigator of many jokes.

And if you ever want to be around a bunch of "wild and crazy guys" then go to a minister retreat. But it is all done in good taste and it is all for fun.

There are some jokes on the other hand that should not be heard or told by anyone and those you stay away from.

Hope this helps.
Just LookinAtItMyWay

Sometimes preacher will crack a "christian joke" using non-blibical elements in their jokes like.. "when Mr A dies and goes straight to heaven and standing on the pearly gates, St Peter greeting and ask Mr A ..what's your deeds to allow you thru..."..... I don't have any comment on this when incoperated in the sermon during divine service...
I believe that this kind of "christian joke" is used to make a point. Although we do not believe that there is really a St. Peter at the pearly gates passing judgement on our works, the story can help us understand what is being preached. Remember, Jesus often used stories "parables" to help the people understand his point.

No this is not a trick question. I asked it because my christian friend is arguing with me that it is okay to give sex jokes, and I do not think so as a christian.
a joke is a joke.laughter is good and healthy for the heart and soul
Well then with this new information, I don't think the issue is about "joking" or "jokes" but about what is appropriate conversation matter. Or appropriate joke content.... I see no problem with joking or humor...I think humor is important, but there are some things that some might joke about that aren't really appropriate for a Christian to be light about.
I would say that there is nothing wrong with a joke per se. Of course it goes without saying that it shouldn't be of a sexual nature, using bad language or making fun of people's pain, etc. I think joking in the pulpit by pastors is also not a good idea because it could cheapen the gospel or cause people to take the message less seriously.

One thing joking should not do is give the appearance that we think of life as just a big joke, something to be taken lightly. If there is a danger in joking, it is that it can cheapen a person's sense of the seriousness of life. After all, God did not come and die for our lives if they were not worth the life of His Son. That puts life in an entirely different perspective, I think.

When you think about it, most of the jokes that the "world" loves are about sex, bad language or making fun of people's pain and misfortune. Almost makes you wonder what other kind of jokes there are. That shouldn't be. There are good, clean jokes, but they don't get enough attention. They can relieve tension and make you realize that life and people can be funny at times.
well nowt wrong with sense of humour but some people take to serious or they just plain boring
There are so many types of Joke categories, and as a Christian we should never entertain or be entertained by a joke which has an unchristian attribute/message.
That will show why we are Christians and we can always refuse to partake in such unchristian set ups.
Laughter is the best medicine and quite therapeutic as well, and there are thousands of clean jokes to enjoy, laugh and share. Please propogate such jokes
I totally agree with amicable2all. I do not believe, like James Charlery said 'a joke is a joke'. I agree that laughter is a good medicine for the soul and I enjoy laughing, but as christians any joke is not acceptable. Anything that goes against our christian values and God's word should not be entertained, I am sure if Jesus was on earth right now as human, there are certain jokes he would not laugh at. The text - Whatsoever things are pure, lovely and of good report think on these things. Corinthians check it out!


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