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Jokes - Should a christian laugh at or give any joke? Let's hear you view.

Should a christian indulge in any joke?

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What is a joke? I think it is something funny to make one laugh. is sex bad? If the answer is yes then you should not laugh at sex jokes if sex is good then you can laugh at a good sex joke.
There are times it can be bad and there are times it is safe.
lets look for principles
I watch comedy central six days of the week including other stand up comedies. There are some jokes that I would here and share. Jokes are medicine for stress. So yes christians should make jokes but not to the point where people are disrespected.
Chrisitian comedians ...

Well it is true that we must be a happy people....I suggest for one to search the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. What saith the Lord? For example I find it interesting and makes me happy to know more Truth for it is Gods Love towards us. There is a saying and perhaps everyone knows it...What would Jesus do...On Sabbath when we sit down to have potluck I don't like to waist time thinking about jokes.....We must spend our time in feeding on the message of Salvation...Can anyone say that we had enough of the Truth? How can we know we had enough? The other thing is that I am bad with jokes, maybe I have a dry sense of humor. Let me illustrate: I may be on the way to the bank with a million dollars, and I may seriously believe that I am a millionaire. But suppose the banker tells me, "Your money is counterfeit," and suppose I have no other. Then how rich would I be? -- I would be as rich as is the angel of Laodicea. Just such an eye-opening experience is what the Laodiceans need. Unless something like it happens to them, they will forever think that they are rich and in need of nothing more. Some say, though, not long hence, the heavenly Watcher Himself will demonstrate to them face to face that their gold is not tried in the fire. Then their eyes will be opened, but not soon enough to do them any good.

Below are a few quotes of 190 on the word "Joking".

"When a minister bearing the solemn message of warning to the world receives the hospitable courtesies of friends and brethren, and neglects the duties of a shepherd of the flock and is careless in his example and deportment, engaging with the young in trifling conversation, in jesting and joking, and in relating humorous anecdotes to create laughter, he is unworthy of being a gospel minister and needs to be converted before he should be entrusted with the care of the sheep and lambs. 3T233"

From the light which the Lord has given me, our sisters should pursue a very different course. They should be more reserved, manifest less boldness, and encourage in themselves "shamefacedness and sobriety." Both brethren and sisters indulge in too much jovial talk when in each other's society. Women professing godliness indulge in much jesting, joking, and laughing. This is unbecoming and grieves the Spirit of God. These exhibitions reveal a lack of true Christian refinement. They do not strengthen the soul in God, but bring great darkness; they drive away the pure, refined, heavenly angels and bring those who engage in these wrongs down to a low level.--2T 455 (1870).{DG 155.3}

Angels are watching over and guarding us; we often grieve these angels by indulging in trifling conversation, jesting, and joking, and also by sinking down into a careless, stupid state. Although we may now and then make an effort for the victory and obtain it, yet if we do not keep it, but sink down into the same careless, indifferent state, unable to endure temptations and resist the enemy, we do not endure the trial of our faith that is more precious than gold. We are not suffering for Christ's sake, and glorying in tribulation. {EW 111.2}

Walking Circumspectly.--All the sang-froid, which is so common, the theatrical gestures, all lightness and trifling, all jesting and joking, must be seen by the one who wears Christ's yoke to be "not convenient" --an offense to God and a denial of Christ. It unfits the mind for solid thought and solid labor. It makes men inefficient, superficial, and spiritually diseased. . . .
Let every minister be sedate. As he studies the life of Christ he will see the necessity of walking circumspectly. Yet he may be, and will be, if connected with the Sun of Righteousness, cheerful and happy, showing forth the praises of Him who hath called him out of darkness into His marvelous light. The conversation will be pure, entirely free from all slang phrases.--Manuscript 8a, 1888. {Ev 644.3}

We are not to be tattlers, or gossipers, or talebearers; we are not to bear false witness. We are forbidden by God to engage in trifling, foolish conversation, in jesting, joking, or speaking any idle words. We must give an account of what we say to God. We will be brought into judgment for our hasty words that do no good to the speaker or to the hearer. Then let us all speak words that will tend to edification. Remember that you are of value with God. Allow no cheap, foolish talk or wrong principles to compose your Christian experience.--MS 68, 1897. (FE 458.) {1MCP 113.1}

Vain Conversation--Listen to the vain, frivolous conversation; hear the laugh, the jesting, the joking. Is this imitating the Pattern? Still listen--is Jesus mentioned? Is the truth the theme of conversation? Are the speakers glorying in the cross of Christ?-- 1T 505. {VSS 128.2}

Take a look at Jesus.....Sing to the Lord oh people of God....

Jesus carried into His labor cheerfulness and tact. It requires much patience and spirituality to bring Bible religion into the home life and into the workshop, to bear the strain of worldly business, and yet keep the eye single to the glory of God. This is where Christ was a helper. He was never so full of worldly care as to have no time or thought for heavenly things. Often He expressed the gladness of His heart by singing psalms and heavenly songs. Often the dwellers in Nazareth heard His voice raised in praise and thanksgiving to God. He held communion with heaven in song; and as His companions complained of weariness from labor, they were cheered by the sweet melody from His lips. His praise seemed to banish the evil angels, and, like incense, fill the place with fragrance. The minds of His hearers were carried away from their earthly exile, to the heavenly home. {DA 73.3}
I totally agree with ssraul's Spirit of Prophecy quotations. Sister White said we shouldn't engage in frivolous talk period
Now regarding sex jokes, that's not allowed, that kind of talk will stimulate the mind to think sex and now if you are not married you know where that will lead you to, definitely lust.
Ephesians 4:29 "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen".
  • I think there's no problem with watching comedies, because laughter exercises the body and the happier one is, the younger they become, although comedies shouldn't take center stage more than studying the word and spending time with Christ.
I particularly find offensive jokes that propagate stereotypes. We've all heard them: jokes about doctors, lawyers, accountants; rabbis, priests, nuns; husbands, wives; whites, blacks (any ethinic group or nationality); blondes, brunettes, red-heads; et cetera. They are all wrong and are offensive to persons with those types of jobs, religions, relationships, skin color, hair color, body type.
Have you never been on the receiving end of jokes that stereotype you? Perhaps you're one of the lucky few who does not have negative stereotypes propagated about you.

The problem isn't so much laughing at ourselves--it is laughing at the expense of others who are not within our own personal social circles. It is then that these jokes cause more harm than good.
I believe that jokes are in for a purpose in our life since it relieves us from the stress and tension of the busy world but it should not be at any cost cause humiliation to anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. It should be always used for a good purpose just as other things we do in our life everyday.
Yes we can laugh it is a natrual thing for us to do it is as good as a medicine . lets look at i think it is Jousha,he told Ahab to call louder maybe his god is sleeping and Solomon to cut the baby two to be shared between the two women it was a joke but it had a lesson to be learned and Jesus had fun wiht His friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus i think we can get a lot of jokes from the bible we don't have to wait for entertainment from people who dont know the truth


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