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Should both genders go swimming at the same time

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I was tempted to ask....can unmarried both genders perform foot-washing together in communion service.....just curious lol?
This could definitely be a problem, especially for the boys or men. My experience as a kid (22 or under) is that it would be impossible to keep it from being a sexual thing in one way or another. That is just the male mind-set. I'm basing this on what I have learned about young men for the last 20+ years as a youth counselor.
I believe that it would change the focus of the service in the minds and hearts of the unmarried young people. I do not think it would be appropriate. Men esp. wold have a hard time to keep focused if they were honest with themselves. This service is sacred and we need to as a church guard the sacredness of this sympol of Christs life and death until He comes back to take us home. This world has every type of temptation in this avenue already. Lets not let it into Gods House.
As for the swimming issue; it is very easy to get off track there too. I believe that modesty is very important. The word is God makes this clear. When I was growing up we lived in a Mennonite community and the children/youth would swim in their cloths- dresses for girls and long pants/shirts for boys. Although I do not use a dress to swim in the principle behind this practice is still with me today. Probably every situation is different and the principles of modesty should be applied.
I'm not sure about the foot washing thing, but I've been swimming with both genders. there was no big deal made.
I would say ,yes as long as , you are appropiately dressed , woman to cover their legs and chest , and men to wear vest or t- shirt . if you do go, choose a time when there are less people i.e early mornings or late eve. Some wimming pools dont allow men to wear t-shirts or vest and the men may have to seek other options , but this is the rule for a christian who is seriuos about their faith .
I'm of a differing opinion... and I'm serious about my faith. So no, it's not "the rule."
Personally i think If it feels unholy to you,dont do it but there are people who sincerely dont see it as a sexual thing.

Remember the woman who washed Jesus's feet and wiped it with her hair? He didnt have a problem with it.

I think there is no clear cut rule.Go with what the holy spirit tells you to do.
Why even ask this question, what's the big deal if we are children of God? I respect the question but I honestly get a good laugh out of it, just because I think it's ridiculous not to swim with the other gender. If the purpose is to swim by all means. However if it is for perverted reasons I don't think I have to mention, no. It is a person's personal preference. I think that it is important for women to wear modest swimwear and not be a temptation to guys. Ok well my 2 cents worth. Still though this question gives me a good laugh because what fun would it be if I could only do swimming activities and such with men, how boring. I have friends that are girls as well.
well put it this way, temptation. Why put urself in a cagey situation. You could even b a stumbling block for someone who s weak in that area
If you are so tempted to go swimming with those of the opposite gender then don't. However if you are obsessive compulsive to avoid temptation then you really shouldn't allow yourself to socialize at all with those of the opposite gender. So what I'm saying is that if you have have a weekness in this area don't do it, but don't pass up a chance to socialize and have a good time with others through recreating, that's how God made it! lol
definitely not. because we should set as an example to our new adventists. Even if you think that you are doing nothing but in the eyes of other people, they may have other perception to wards it. I always say that we should take care of those people inside rather than always fish outside and yet they just got away!! If the new ones have the conviction of being adventist and you think they have the strong foundation already, they might be as well fish outside and would take care of the fishes that they have catch.
Set an example of what? Not having any fun?

I do agree with you that we need to take care of people in the church as diligently as those we are trying to bring into the church... but mixed swimming is not the reason people are leaving the church!

I also agree with Derek. If you are personally tempted by any situation, then don't put yourself in that situation. I know that modesty is very important to God. But to suggest that this activity is bad because somehow you might be tempted, then there are other issues. A person that follows that principle would not leave their house because they might be tempted. It is this flawed line of thinking that leads to communes of super strict religious zealots. They avoid some sin... but do nothing to bring sinners to Christ.

So follow the Holy Spirit's guidance in your own life. He will guide your behavior.


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