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Should both genders go swimming at the same time

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Not from USA.

Not afraid of swimming coz cant swim lol

I ave no problems with seeing. But eres a scenario. a women wear reavling clothes and then a guy see and cant control himself. guy does sumtin to the woman. hu wuld we point the blame at ...... the man. But it works both ways.
I totally agree. And if that is the angle you are coming from the question makes total sense.

You are right in that alot of women dress in a very inappropriate way when they go swimming and sad to say some do it on purpose. But on the other side there is still the issue of self control. Some times that is a bigger problem than anything else.

As far as the man you are referring to goes it is to bad that happened and I hope things are going better for him. I would recommend he have lots of people around when he wants to go swimming from this point on.

Do you understand where the rest of us are coming from though? For most people this is not an issue.

Hope this helped.
I can't swim also
You live on that beautiful island but don't swim? Why?
I had some bad experiences and near death experiences in swimming class in my early childhood.
Is a binki inappropriate or not for beach/pool settings?
It depends on what you are going to the beach/pool for.

Personally I see so many beautiful one piece and tankinis {the top comes down to the bottom but they are separate} that in my opinion if you are wearing anything less you don't just have swimming on your mind.

If you are coming at it from a Christian slant--Would you want Jesus or God to walk up to you and say Hi? Would you be comfortable if they did?
I'm a male and I don't where a but I see your point
@ carol ... I can see where other people r coming from yh. hmmm bikini ... bra aan panties.... hmmm
You are quite right about the bra and panties part.
Thanks Sam for resurrecting this thread. I agree with Golden Gloves that both genders shouldn't swim together.
Those ones who don't feel a thing when they see a smoking hot woman in a bikini might be probably sick and they should re-examine themselves.
I remember when i was still a kid, and it was a social day at my local church, actually there was gender separation, ladies were at a distance from men quite far to benefit from visual nutrition.
It's absolutely ridiculous for someone to say that they find it normal, we are not supposed to tempt ourselves, and it's absolutely tempting to go to a beach (some countries have nude beaches) and one claims they can't be affected that you control yourself, and by the way guys controlling the mind isn't the same way with feelings and what the eye is seeing.
I also support the idea that if one knows that they are affected then don't go to the beach when it's most tempting.
Amen to that. Also am i right in sayin that men get turned on by looks and women get turned on more by touch??


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