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Should both genders go swimming at the same time

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I don't see anything wrong with it. I have two kids one boy and one girl they go swimming together. Even at junior camp the kids go swimming or play in the water together. At camp meeting, I take the Juniors, Earliteens and Youth to the water slides for fun. Then on another day I take all the primary's to the hot springs to go swimming. There is no problem that I see if there are adults around and you trust your kids. Or even trust yourself to be with the opposite sex.
No offence, Sweetie.

But this question answers itself in my eyes. Swimming doesn't have anything to do with christianity, it's an everyday (preferred in summer) activity which both genders share and practice. Why it would matter if 'mixed swimming' should occour or not is beyond me. If you want to swim with the opposite sex and chill then by all means; if you'd like to swim with only your sex then be my guest. Though I still don't see the point. With little children they know little of anything involving the other sex, and with teenagers it's just fun. I can't connect both church and swimming unless it's a trip to the pool :)

Bikinis and Speedos for all!
D: well maybe not speedos...
To be very honest this is the first time I have heard this type of discussion. Having gone through 8 1/2 years of summer camps and watching the swimming secessions this was not an issue. Of course the girls had one piece suits on not bikinis or thongs and the males also were wearing swim trunks not speedos.

I would also say that if there is mixed swimming then also have it supervised.

As far as temptation goes that can come from anything and at any time. Should we also keep the sexes separate for other sporting activities? And in church--women on one side men on the other?
Someone stated we need to use restraint and this is also where if you are having a real issue with these things then ask for assistance from God and don't put yourself in the situations.

Here is a weird example: Beans are a good food right? Very high in protein. But Ellen White said for her beans are poison she could not eat them. Did she ever say no one should eat beans? No in fact just the opposite.

Personally I can go swimming and not be bothered in the way that is being discussed but I can not speak for anyone else. And please do not think I am making fun of the question. I'm not.

Men and women should swim together. Some people minds are perverted and need to be washed in the blood of Jesus. Derek comment are on target so i need not say anymore.
put it dis way we preach to cover all in church no flesh. so y is it when it comes to swimming its aloud. Double standards ... not a good look.
Can one swim in a suit or frock?, when on the beach on should be representing God at the the same time be dressed for the appropriate activity. Church and the beach or if in the US, the pool side are two different zones.
right , so then u shuldnt do da same sex swimming coz u can b a stubling block for someone
if they stumble that's them, the should know how the keep such nasty urges to themselves, and if they are are child of the King, the should not have such stumbling blocks.
so wat ur sayin is that u dont mind being someones down fall???
What I'm saying is that they should not have such urges. If they fall that means they allowed the devil to enter there minds.
correction "their minds"

You can be a stumbling block in all sorts of ways.

At this point I have a couple of questions for you and please do not take them wrong because I am honestly having trouble understanding why you think people are stumbling blocks by swimming in the same place as the opposite sex.

Are you from the USA? I could not tell from your profile. If you are new to the USA then where I come from, the North West, it is common practice to have mixed swimming. Again I agree that people should be dressed in decent attire.

If it is not a cultural issue, are you afraid of swimming? Or are you having some personal issues you do not want to bring out?

If you read Ellen Whites books she addresses the issues of 'dress codes'. She said, back in her day, that a woman was to wear long skirts but not to drag on the floor. But she also said that we are to also be fashionable, keep up with the times. That means if the fashion is a short skirt then wear one that is tasteful not one that is just barely covering your butt.

I am at this point really having trouble understanding what your real question is and where it comes from. You have gotten some very good answers.

Maybe I'm wrong but TO ME it appears the real issue you are having is seeing females in swim suits. If that is the real problem for you then no you should not go swimming with the opposite sex.

By the way being obstinate can be a huge stumbling block.

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