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many testermonys and blessing can be heard as it be nice to tell us about it

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Hi Darren This is a nice idea!
I am thankful first for God and His great love towards me that He is always there to help me and lead me on in my walk with Him. That Jesus came to save us and died for our sins and that He has promised to return and take us with Him to the wonderful place that he has prepared for us.
I am thankful for my brothers and sisters in Christ-the family of God.
I am very thankful that I have sweet and healthy children and a wonderful, God fearing husband who works hard to provide for us.
I am really thankful that it is raining just now- we in Puna are in great need of this!
well funny thing is it raining in birmingham england aswell it nice to see that god as provide you all theese wounderful things
SO many things to thank God for. For the family and friends I have. For the blessings God gave me. And everything that surrounds me. But I would always be grateful to the Lord when I thought of impossibility, He made it possible. One instance of my life when I thought of giving up, thinking that the Lord had abandoned me but Lo and behold the Lord prepared wonderful future ahead. So dear brother and sister, God is marvelous and mysterious. Just abide in Him and never question Him. For His plan is greater than ours. God bless everyone!!
that is nice as we might think no one is watching us but he is watching us
Ive got many things to thank God for, but the most important one was for me to get to know him. I was dedicated in an Willesden SDA church (apparently lol). But I think from then my parents stopped going church so I didnt go church obviously werent my choice. as far as i can remember when i was a lil bit older i use 2 go baptist church and then none at all. Let say for bout 6 years I had no contact with any church type. Until My parents got divorced and one saturday my mum sed were going to church. I fort wat da hell church.... on a saturday dats mad. went to the church (11 years old) I almost died i culdnt hack it and didnt like it. and from then every saturday mum trying to get me to go church i wuld fake an illness but it never worked.

then moved house a few years later and my mum got married and things were well in my view at da time alot worse because my step dad very strict christian. Because of that i rebelled in every situation,. Alot of swearing, fighting, stealing and lying. I kept sayin to myself I DONT BELEIVE IN GOD.

When I got to 15yrs old we started to have family worship and from that things were changing. I started to think how could ppl just read something and follow it to be the truth. Cut along story short, started to read , then changed my ways and then on april 22nd 2006 I got baptized and since then there have been some rocky times but im striving for the kingdon
kool it nice to ar some fablous news
The list is endless, sparing of my life on three occasions, travelling mercies, health, food, shelter, clothing, employment, the love of family and friends, the love of the church family, protection, favor. But aside all of these things the sacrifice that he made by placing his only begotten son on the cross. We have received the gift of eternal life, and the gift of the Holy spirit. Hallelujah.
hallelujah to u
it nice for that
I have a lot to thank God for. I never knew how to thank God until i had some experience with Him. I remember 14 years ago Doctors told me that my father had a few days to live, and in 2001 they told me my sister had less than a day to live , they say my little brother wouldn't live pass the age of 12 he is now 25 yrs old. But when the doctors fail i know who will never and will not fail. They are all alive and well.

I could go on but it would fill this page up. At times i want to give up but i can't because when i remember what God has done for me and my family , no way can i give in. He is not a man that He should lie He is true to His promises.

When i get into the presence of God and begin to praise Him it comes easy, because i know the awesomeness of God. Almost every day you find me saying these words " I will bless the Lord at all times and HIS praise shall continually be in my mouth Psalms 34:1 It is what i live.

At times i lay in my bed and reflect on His goodness tears just start running down my face and the next thing i know i am on the floor on knees bowing before Him. I Love God endlessly, Darren i thank God in and out of season because He is just good.
it nice to see that god could help us difie the odds i have seen and many testermonys but thoose who who have the bilty to difie the odds are brave and earn my respect god bless
God Bless You Darren I thank God for sending himself in Jesus making disciples of him. He is him I give thanks for entrusting me with his mysteries.For the God of Abraham is the God of our Salvation. For verily I say unto you he who Christ sets free is surely free indeed. For God is a lamp unto my feet & a light unto my path. He is the light of world. I once was Blind but now I see, Jesus is the living Light. For this I say thank you Father (for God is God all by himself).
thank you for words insperation
as it wounderful to hear them words


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