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many testermonys and blessing can be heard as it be nice to tell us about it

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These two statements express what I am thankful for:

"Every gift is stamped with the cross and bears the image and superscription of Jesus Christ. All things come of God. From the smallest benefits up to the largest blessings, all flow through the one Channel--a superhuman mediation sprinkled with the blood that is of value beyond estimate because it was the life of God in His Son." E.G. White, Faith and Works, p.22.

I thank God that Jesus accepted to be treated according to my demerits that I might be treated according to His merits! All His merits and righteousness are offered to me, presented as a gift to be appropriated by faith. The merits of His shed blood are imputed to all who believe it is their privilege to claim them! "The Lord Jesus places His own merits upon man and thus elevates him in the scales of moral value, with God." E.G. White. I thank God for His unfathomable gift!

"The creation belongs to God. The Lord could, by neglecting man, stop his breath at once. All that he is and all that he has pertains to God. The entire world is God's. Man's houses, his personal acquirements, whatever is valuable or brilliant, is God's own endowment. It is all His gift to be returned back to Him in helping to cultivate the heart of man. The most splendid offerings may be laid upon the altar of God, and men will praise, exalt, and laud the giver because of his liberality. In what? 'All things come of Thee, and of Thine own have we given Thee.' (1 Chron.29:14)" E. G. White, Faith and Works, p.22,23.

"We have no merits except as they come through Jesus Christ." E.G. White, Bible Commentary, Vol.5, p.1128.

Unto Him be glory for ever and ever!



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