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I have to ask! =]
Shouldn't seventh day adventist follow the kosher system, I mean I feel that sometimes we can be ignorant to the fact that foods other than meat contain gelatin, and such other things in it! Such as gummy bears, jello, some yogarts, ricecrispy treats and so on. this means that yes, even you vegetarians are eaiting it too! But still after we find these things out, we continue to eat it, sometimes without paying attention, and others for prefrence.
what do you think?

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Very good question. I've wondered the answer to this too. I'm a vegetarian and usually I try to read the ingredients of products to make sure it doesn't have gelatin in it but maybe the kosher system is easier. But great question I would like to know what everyone thinks of this too.
Thanx! =]
The Kosher system goes above and beyond what is outlined in Leviticus very similar to the Sabbath keeping additional rules that have been added. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you are probably surpassing the Kosher diet because you do not have to, for example, worry about mixing beef with cheese.


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