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What do you all say about an adventist marry to a non-adventist? Can anyone say something? is how...what is what...etc..etc.

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From my experience in my extended family it is very difficult to stay true to the Love you have for the Lord and the truth that you believe. It really brings alot of conflict over things that other wise would be agreed upon. Such as:
Where are we going to spend the weekend? What friends do we spend time with as a family? What are we going to eat for dinner? Can we pray together/have worship together? What about education/recreation for the children? How will we spend the holiday? What will we listen to or watch?
Of course these same questions come up for every couple but one can see how much harder it is to come to a conclusion if they are coming from very different views and beliefs. Christ is the one who is the center of the Christians marriage. If Christ is not there in both hearts the relationship will drift sooner or later farther and farther apart. And often what the Christian finds is that instead of bringing the spouse with you to Jesus the Christian follows the worldly minded spouse into the world and it is a slow and subtile thing that takes place until you wake up and find your self far from God.
Another aspect is that with all the differences in views the couple takes sides against eachother and there are hard feelings and anger for the disagreements and this leads to separation in the relationship even if still living together there is separation spiritually, emotionally, mentally and finally physically.
The Lord told the Israelites that they must never marry people from the nations around them because it would turn their hearts away from God to serving idols. This is the same today.
Please read 2 Corinthians 6: 14-18. I have seen these things happen in my own family and my friends families also. Marriage will bring us happiness here and later or grief now and also later. Remember too, God has a plan for you and He has just the right person in mind for you. If you will take Him at His Word and trust Him with your life He will unite you with some one made just for you who also wants to serve the Lord. And as you seek the Lord together He will bring you through the hard times that come to every couple because you are both choosing to serve and please Him with your life.
I hope this is helpful. I am interested to see what others share too.
Thanks Katrina...
Well...some people (including a pastor that i knew) says 'mix-marriage is no longer be a great issue as long as the humbleness is there'. I'm not sure how true is this statement because the justification of humbleness is vary for each and every individual. One might say he/she is humble enough while the partner did not really think/feel so.

We are yet to hear opinions from other friends here in AdventistOnline (hope they will soon respond to this discussion =D). We might really want to have a sharing from someone that has already gone through this (and still can found happiness) or is going through this scenario (and is still 'okay')...or now living in this situation which the 'outcome' is vice versa...

What do you all say about an adventist marry to a non-adventist? This is well answered in other forum discussion "unequally yoked relationships" & etc ....but I am concern with another question which I have no answer of mixed-raced marriage of Adventist.......

But there is an objection to the marriage of the white race with the black. All should consider that they have no right to entail upon their offspring that which will place them at a disadvantage; they have no right to give them as a birthright a condition which would subject them to a life of humiliation. The children of these mixed marriages have a feeling of bitterness toward the parents who have
given them this lifelong inheritance. For this reason, if there were no other, there should be no intermarriage between the white and the colored race.--Manuscript 7, 1896. {2SM 343.2}

Answer to an Inquiry
Dear Friend:

In reply to inquiries regarding the advisability of intermarriage between Christian young people of the white and black races, I will say that in my earlier experience this question was brought before me, and the light given me of the Lord was that this step should not be taken; for it is sure to create controversy and confusion. I have always had the same counsel to give. No encouragement to marriages of this character should be given among our people. Let the colored brother enter into marriage with a colored sister who is worthy, one who loves God, and keeps His commandments. Let the white sister who contemplates uniting in marriage with the colored brother refuse to take this step, for the Lord is not leading in this direction. {2SM 344.1}
Hi steven, thanks for the respond. May be i'm not aware of the discussion you have mentioned (^_^)...btw, i'm focusing on the same race (same color if you really particular bout this he he), exactly came from the same race-background but different belief..(?)
I fully disagree with this. Mixed race marriage might have had problems in the slave times but you can't say that God is not leading if two of different color/ethnicities get together now.
I agree with you Anitra! I have seen many happy families that are from different races. If you look at certain parts of the world you will see that the great majority of the people in that area are made up of mixed races. Hawaii is a good example of this. Time changes things in certain instances.
I think mixed race marriages are cool because we are all Gods children.As far as differant beliefs between 2 people,it depends on the people.It can be a problem,then again it can be a witness to others.Its situational.
Your case is different since it seems that you're willing to get to know the faith and live by it.
Hi Waidah!

I do believe SDAs can marry non-SDAs and have wonderful marriages. What is important is that the parties understand and respect each other's position. I also believe two SDAs can be unequally yolked together in marriage. Thirdly, I believe it is wrong for SDAs to call non-SDAs unbelievers simply because they are non-SDAs.

On the other hand, I believe this kind of marriage will only work successfully when the parties are open minded, honest and respectful of each other's position.
Well i think the best is to avoid marrying a non-adventist so as to protect you and your future family. my dad is not an adventist but my mom was adventist before she died. while they loved each other and as kids, we did not really see much of a problem, i look back and realise that i missed out on a lot of spiritual experiences. my dad did not allow the fam,ily to participate in church activities that were not on the sabbath. as a result we did not have the chance to attend mid week prayer meetings or crusades. going for camp meeting was difficult and i only attended one camp meeting with my mom.
moreso when my mom was about to die, she was taken to all sorts of places and we never really got down as family to praying for her because dad did not believe in God. he did not have the faith we had as kids.
i do not wish to paint a gloomy picture but i do believe it is important to settle for a spouse who has the same faith as you have.
I am not in a position to agree with it, since it runs contrary to what God has forbidden. Why tempt God in the first place? Why can't we simply follow the word?
What the pastor says is not important. What Ricardo Carr says is not important. What Bobby says is not important, except when he says that we are to follow the Bible. What I say is not important. What God says through the writings of Inspiration - this is the only all-important thing to follow and do - out of love and obedient faith to God and His word the Bible.

Somebody please help to explain the meaning of "unbeliever" and "believer" based on the Bible and SOP writings.


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