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What do you all say about an adventist marry to a non-adventist? Can anyone say something? is how...what is what...etc..etc.

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I think that it is situational.Sometimes a good thing,sometimes bad.If the other person is a real fair person and accepts you as you are and you accept them as well for who they are,then theres a real oppurtunity.If either of you are domineering about things,forget it..Pray about it and follow the Lords will.Thats in a nutshell lol!!
I do think that SDAs are better off with other SDAs. We can keep the sabbath at home better. We can keep unclean foods out of the house. We can read the Bible and Ellen White and talk about it together.
I can't imagine being married to a non-SDA. I don't want the television and radio playing on Sabbath or any chores done. I don't want pork in the house. If I have children I want them in Sabbath school under every circumstance except illness. I want my kids to be learning ADVENTIST theology.
an adventist marrying a non adventist will affect the spiritual and social life of the adventist. the adventist will notice in one way or the other him or her compromising with some of the adv believes just to please the non adventist there by doing the wrong thing.the adventist will not be able to discusss his beliefs or faith with the non adventist becos there might be some things he or she might not agree to as being wrong such as dressing,wearing trouser cooking,eating crayfish and many others. to him or her all these things might not look as if its wrong but as adventist we all know they are wrong. but come to think of it are there no beautiful ,vibrant ,intelligent and well trained adventist men and women to marry,why look outside?
Hello Waidah,

I just read the discussion and can say that it depend.
It depends on: how strong is the faith of the SDA and on what bases the two agree to go together in life.
I married a non SDA man, 6 yrs ago. From the start of our relationship I told him that my love for God came first. It was a shock for him, but he accepted it. If you can tell your spouse/fiance/friend where you stand, it doesn't have to be a problem. It can turn out to be a blessing. My husband got baptized 2 yrs ago and he became a very enthusiastic worker for Christ! Prayer changes things, but first let each other know where you stand in the relationship.
May God bless you and your friend/fiance/spouse and He wil work it out.

first of all i want u all 2 say a word of prayer and beg God 4 forgiveness 4 calling non-adventists unbelievers many of them believe more than us and the larger percentage of unbelievers in d world lies in our midst as adventists. We prach what we do not practise, we hold on 2 prophesies we hardly understand but this people serve d lord wholeheartedly. look at thge Jehovah witness members if they had the opportunity and the truth we have i bet they would have converted more than half of the whole world into their fold. marrying a non adventist is not a sign and nowhere in the bible refferd to a non Adventist as an unbelieve. In the end time many people will say Lord Lord and he will say to them i know u not. These people we refer to as unbelievers are on God's priority list and he would use them to Glorify his name. Remember Saul was a percecutor, killer and hater of christ look at what he turned out to be as paul. Even peter that was trained by Jesus himself did not achieve what paul achieved. Pls dont let our old (school) time religion mentality distort our focus and goal which is heaven i love you all but as 4 me i have found a non adventist that will bring a whole congregation to yhe Lord because she found out the truth about the sabbath and its blessings.
I have seen 'mixed marriages' that work - the couples are apparently happy. Another look at Paul's statement on being unequally yoked with non-believers leads me to ask who is a non-believer? What do Christians believe? We can start with the Ten Commandments (the character of God) revealed in His Son Jesus Christ who came in the flesh to save us from sin. Christians believe that humans were hopelessly lost before God showed them the way to Himself, Christ was born, died for our sin and will come again soon to take home those who believe in Him. Anyone who does not accept this, to me, is a non-believer.

(There are nominal Adventists, and there are non-Adventists who believe this truth except for Sabbath).

Marriage itself is such a delicate institution even with both people Adventist. Many times you are called upon to make decisions that would be really difficult if your core values are different. Examples, what school should kids attend? Should you join neighbors on a shopping trip on Saturday afternoon?

In our Christian walk, many are content with basics (milk as Paul refers to it). For the great commission to be accomplished, we ought to rise from the basics so we can be empowered to do more. A marriage to a non-Adventist may work, but I believe Adventists can do more if they are not entangled in troublous relationships. This is a generalization, but an Adventist with problems at home is more inclined to resolve them first before out to evangelize. Where the main work of evangelism is done, the work is often canceled out by the contradictory family situation.
Gabriel wrote:I don't mind dating them but I don't see marrying them

Seriously isn't that trifling with people's hearts?

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers period
Would that also refer to having a meal with them?
I would love u to do some research as it relates to oxen and yoking them together. It is importnt to note that yoking animals or anything or person must be of the same strength. If two animals of different strengths worked togethet to till the land it would not be don properly.

So let me ask some questions?
What does it mean to be yoked?
What does it mean to be an unbeliever?
What does righteouness meanes?
what does lawlessness means?

Aren't we misquoting scripture?
Have you ever seen a dog and a cat working together? Have you ever seen a cat and a mouse doing it just fine?

Well I wish you had that tag allover your face saying Hi I'm Gabriel, I just wanna hang out with you just only here at uni and nothing more because you are not my type!

I doubt if you'll get some babes who will hola to you ;-)
Hey Guys,

let us not get personal. Let us stick to the issue on hand.

In bible times they did not use different animals. The same animals were used but of the same strength. They had to work together to furrow the land. So they had to be of equal ability. But the question again when paul says unbelievers who or what is he referring to?

From what i gather some of u are say non sda's. But is that correct? Are we saying that only SDA's are believers?
I don't get the vibes that people are saying that. Believers are in all religious camps. But being unequally yoked to me means to be with a partner that has as many similiarities as possible. So ... marrying someone who doesn't have the same religious beliefs such as the Sabbath could be an issue. The issue is that it causes friction in the marriage. To me that is unquestionable.

The same could be said for a white person marrying a black person. Why you ask? It is simple ... there are cultural differences. Yes, it may work for some and that is fine. But there are and will be challenges that would require extra work in a marriage.

Again ... the principle is ... be yoked with those who have as many similar interests and commmonalities as possible.


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