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What do you all say about an adventist marry to a non-adventist? Can anyone say something? is how...what is what...etc..etc.

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I think the text is clear do not yoke yourselves with unbelievers. We are adding more to the text than what it is saying. What has darkness to do with light,

There are other passages of scripture that deal with marrying persons not of your faith. If we use that meaning for this text where do we draw the line ?
And your definition of "un believers" would be ....
4Him..The first time in ages we are in agreement! Good points in there I agree with your earlier post.

Very soon I'm to walk down the isle with a conservative SDA woman ;-)
Oh Gabe. You need to loosen up a bit. Find one of them 'liberal' SDAs rather than 'conservative'. It will brighten up your life ....

Congrats though ...

And hey ... what da ya no ... it is actually possible for us to agree !!! How cool. I was wondering if it would EVER happen. But praise God.

While I appreciate your agreement. I do have to point out that my view is a little 'out' there. It is pure opinion and not supported by scripture as was pointed out. What happened to yur conservative approach? Yur slippin' man.
Sorry. I meant Joseph ... not Gabe. But this reminds me of something Joseph. Since we are agreeing buddies now ... how about accepting me as a friend? Could we do that?
I said "Oh Gabe. You need to loosen up a bit. Find one of them 'liberal' SDAs rather than 'conservative'. It will brighten up your life ....

I meant "Oh Joseph ..."
No way, I need a helper who we can synchronize spiritually and mentally. I know myself and the only way I can live a happy and humble life is when I am with that special person who we synchronize spiritually and mentally.
With prayer and fasting, by faith I'm convinced the catch is right.
A prudent wife comes from the Lord, and this means the Lord is gonna do it, I don't want to select using my hormones, or any feelings but through presenting my case to God to show me if it's the right person. If He did for Isaac, then He can do it for me too.
I am a Youth, unfortunately I'm also a conservative one looking for those bible thumping, prayerful SDA babes. Praise the Lord, Amen?

You said "unfortunately I'm also a conservative" ... I would agree. This is very "unfortunate".

Actually .... I do agree with your post. I support you getting a wife who is in sync with you spiritually and mentally. Go for it. But you can't blame me for wishin' that you were more liberal. Maybe if you stick around here more ... I can change yur ways. Ha Ha. The only trouble is ... THEN you would be unequally yoked. So, in anticipation of this ... I am advising you to get a liberal to marry.

Would still like to be your friend.
Well ... it is bad Gabe. So ... this way ... we can be in agreement with him. A rare occurance.
The "unfortunately" is for Gabe and 4 Him, who advocate for liberalism in their club lol
The ONLY way to go ...


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