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Is it wrong for christian married couples to watch pornographic materials?

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Explain why they would want to or need to.

Does the wife like to see her man "getting off" watching another woman having sex? My experience is that the wife would not be doing this if the husband did not get her involved in it. She usually does it only because she thinks he wants it.

Does this not violate the principles of Jesus when he said that it is sinful to look at other women (or men) for the purpose of illicit desire?

The Scriptures say to do everything to bring glory to Him. How does it glorify God?

One of the main problems with watching porn is that it always leads to other sins. Porn is very addictive and habit forming, and it destroys pure love.

People think that letting those habits lead to other sins would never happen to them when they first start doing this, but it is a trap of Satan and he causes them to be overly-confident in themselves and in their virtues. I've seen where it leads eventually to the husband suggesting and wanting not just to watch a film but to watch a live performance and then finally to a "threesome," etc.

It often leads the wife to doubt her husband's faithfulness, because the thought occurs to her, "If he needs another woman to arouse him, and I am not enough for him, maybe he will go to another woman when I am not around," etc. And that is a reasonable thought that is based on a great deal of evidence.

My strong advise: Don't start. Can you do this with angels of God watching and writing down your thoughts and actions? Would you want to meet these things in the judgment?

Another thing to consider is that porn creates spiritual scars that are not easy to erase even when forgiven by God or your spouse.
Amen jim
Yes i agree very much.
It is one of Satan tools to destroy happy family.
Why am saying this ?
Look here , when we watch this porn, they have a very good experienced in sex.
Sometimes husband or wife want to do the same things to the spouse...(the perfomances)
When the oter side cant do it, the will be a quarel and feel unsatisfied in sex.
When this thing happen they will go and find what they want to satisfied their sex life.
When we are married we called it Making Love not Sex. Sex is like HIT N RUN.
Porn is a trangressions to the Law of God.

We accept what ever experienced our spouse have.
So short and my point is....DONT EVER START IN YOUR HOUSE WHERE WE CALLED THE HOUSE OF GOD....because we are the family of God...
For better or worst.

Amen and God bless
Thanks Jim for your comment, am viewing this from an angle where the couples have agreed to watch the same but fearing incase a visitor pops or knows that this pple do watch porno!
Nice question, Here below is my view on this topic.
  • Hebrews 13:14 "Marriage should be honoured by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral".

    Pornography is an act of sexual immorality, and marriage is a union of two people man and wife no longer two but one. The marriage bed should be kept pure without intervention of other people in this matter porno stars.
    When pornography creeps into marriage in the name of learning new styles, by the time they know it the monster has eaten the mind of one party, mostly men and it leads to instabilities in married couples and some even end up divorcing because of unfaithfulness.
Joseph I believe you might have "misquoted Hebrews 13:14" But I do know you may very well mean Hebrews 13: 4 "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge."

However this text in its contextual reference and in its stand alone understanding does not speak to the viewing of pornography and therefore ought not to be used as a key text to dissuade watching porn.

Jim on the otherhand you have a point when you ask the question "How does it glorify God?" But then how does watching Basketball or baseball or Soccer Glorify God?

My point here is while you both may believe it is wrong to watch porn you have not demonstrated from the bible or SOP that it is. So is it really wrong and can it be shown to be so from the Bible? Or are we believing because we have heard it said so often before we feel it is wrong?????

I am sure the lady asking the question wants hard cold Scriptural facts about watching porn, not just beliefs.

P.s I have not said weather it is right or wrong yet....... :)
Tony Bw,
It appears you are reversing your logic and completely contradicting yourself. You said in another discussion that artificial insemination was wrong because you couldn't find it referred to or endorsed in the Bible. Now you are doing the opposite. You are suggesting pornography is NOT wrong because you can't find it referred to or condemned specifically in the Bible.

It seems you are just stirring the pot and agitating others. I'd be happy to be wrong... but why would you take such opposite stances? Are you simply justifying your own views?

It doesn't make sense.
The sexual relationship was given in the context of marriage by God.

Any sexual relationship outside of that is a sin (Adultery).

Jesus said that if we look on a woman to lust after her in our heart, it is adultery.

So someone watching pornography falls under that condemnation.

God bless,

Excellent Mark I am in total agreement with your comments.

However your comments do not speak to the question of Married couples watching porn.

certainly the married couple may not at all be lusting after the actors in the flick/movie, rather they are possibly aiding themselves in excitement for each other, or just plain learning about a subject which one could search for a very long time before they find an academic visual tutorial which is meaningful. But then what if they are watching Animated Pornography How does that fit in with any of you comments. Certainly one cannot lust after a cartoon character. and you do know those types of porn are out there.

P.s Don't get me wrong I am still waiting for a yea or nay from the Bible I have not said it is right or wrong yet....... :)
When Hebrews 13: 4 says "Let marriage be honored among all, and the marriage bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge," it is including anyone who practices watching immoral acts, such as occurs in porn films. The people making the films are basically prostitutes, selling sex for money. If I like watching those and if I like watching a woman other than my wife perform sex acts, how is that not adultery by Jesus' definition?

I would repeat the question, Does watching porn not violate the principles of Jesus when he said that it is sinful to look at other women (or men) for the purpose of illicit desire?

How is the marriage bed honored and kept undefiled by watching prostitutes on film in order for a couple to get aroused for each other?

When I was in the military in Germany, I found that when you go to the movies there, you always have to watch films about sex education during "intermission". They are actually porn films that are made to appear educational. The devil can always find ways to give people a clean reason to watch porn if they work hard at it.

I was hooked on porn for over 25 years. It is one of the hardest addictions to kick. A Christian who wants to keep his mind pure for service to God and the gospel does not want to get started doing those things. It can take years-- waisted years-- to get free of it. Remember that everything you feed your brain stays there permanently and influences you in ways you are not even at first aware of.
The carnal mind will lust and will need the smallest trigger to fire adulterous thoughts.

"The carnal mind is at emnity with God."

Anything that promotes that carnal process, is against God and His revealed will.

We do not have to act we only have to think, the carnal mind is triggered by this type of viewing, and as we are not to yield our members (our thoughts and feelings), then pornography is against the counsel of God.

Paul also remonstrates/encourages us to think on whatever is pure, whatever is noble.

Adulterous thoughts inspired by pornography, is not pure or noble in any shape or form.

We are also shown that women left the natural use of their bodies and men lusted after one another. The denouncement of sexual immorality is very clear throughout the bible.

So without quoting the exact scripture, pornography in any form is adultery, when imbibed by the viewer.

Or are we saying that pornography is acceptable to God?

That prostitution (which is at the base of pornography), is acceptable to God?

Is not this discussion better viewed from the angle of "God does not permit adultery, hence pornography is of the devil. Unless proven otherwise?"

The truth is that adultery is to be condemned and anything that promotes it is evil. Pornography promotes adultery, as does prostitution.

I must Admit that Hebrews 13:4 does not in any way form or fashion refer to watching porn. It refers to the act of adultery and or fornication and this is so because it references the marriage bed thus giving the reader the context from which to draw interpretation.

One must extrapolate really far to include it in not watching porn. Therefore I would not want to use it to show from the bible that watching porn is sinful.

On the other hand Mark again I agree with your logic however you would not use scripture and I wonder why since I know you do have a number of text's from which to choose.

Neither of you however have dealt with the animation concept which is very real in today's world. The problem here then is how would you TEACH young married couples about the intimacies of foreplay and the need for build up to Coitus with words alone? That would be a rather challenging job. And how would you demonstrate to the males in a class the more erogenous areas of the wives. And don't think this is not important as Solomon and David spent considerable time talking about the female body and its voluptuous possibilities.

So gentlemen I think by now you might have guessed why I was pressing for biblical clarification. and unfortunately you have not provided it yet.

So even though I Do Know Prostitution is Sin and Adultery Is Sin, demonstrations in Animation form cannot be considered pornography when being used for purposes of teaching and since we are required to teach the Bible truth we ought to be careful when we group things together without careful scrutiny.

P.s I Know Pornography is Sin. What is pornography was not in question. what was in question was - is viewing sexual intercourse in any form Sin -
Of course the Bible does not refer directly to watching porn. There was no such thing at the time the Bible was written.

Adultery and fornication, according to Jesus, is not simply a matter of an act. It is also a matter of the thoughts and the desires. That is why watching porn is something that the Bible condemns because it condemns lusting, and the only reason for watching porn is to stimulate sinful desires. I do not know of any other reason anyone watches it.

If it is a question of learning about sex, there are ways of doing that without watching porn. God has not made it necessary to commit for a married couple to learn about sex or to enjoy each other. Married couples learn by experiencing intimate sexual relations together, alone, not with other couples or with another member of either gender. However, if someone wants to do it badly enough, they will tragically almost certainly be able to find a good reason to do it.


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