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Is it wrong for christian married couples to watch pornographic materials?

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The human mind is a deceeitful thing, You can THINK you are doing it for PURELY altruistic purposes...But, just to mis-quote a movie I have seen, " I would use it for good, but through me, it would wield a power to great for me to control"..

As John B. says, you are flirting with your own demise... When you struggle so hard to wrest your justification from the Hands of the Scripture's you my know in your heart, that you are wrong...

It is FAR to prevalent a theme that we are NOT to LOOK, with lust, and as I contend, the mind IS decietful ABOVE all things....The Old Man WANTS to live, again, my friend...You should allow the Holy Spirit to slay him, now, as the Holy Spirit is trying to direct you, by friends and comrades in the Christian walk, here, on this site...

The marriage bed is NOT to be defiled...And we dont know where we go, when we aonder away from Him and His FIRM word's AGAINST this behavior, EVEN if we THINK we have a good reason, pure in motive...Dont think you cant be decievied by your own OLD MAN...He is always chomping at the bit to get back up...

Pray about it, and LISTEN to Him...
It depends.. if the two of you are watching together, well there is nothing wrong. But the other one is watching and the other one is not.. hmmm definitely they would be in big trouble. The other might want to experienced with another person.. tsk tsk.. really dangerous! So better watch together
Of course watching together is still wrong. Read through all the other responses to this question. If you choose to ignore all that scripture and SOP, that is your choice. But it DOES apply. A sinful man (ALL of us) will ALWAYS lust after someone in his heart when watching pornography. Whether his wife is beside him or not. That breaks the commandment of adultery. So it's wrong. Every time. I suggest that you might be naive to the strong sex drive and lust of the human male.
Hehehe..Point taken.. I'm totally wrong..
Yes Don you got me correct. I Know of Couples who report no lust for any of the cartoonist they see in the pics. I prefer to believe them since I am not in their head and it is totally believable if you have no problem with that particular sin. For example I have been a practicing vegetarian for more than 20 years and the sight, smell and smell of meat has absolutely no effect on me. I have never been a smoker and I never drink and neither of those things have any effect on me at any time. Does that make me strange?

Gentlemen because the sin maybe your besetting sin it is not everyone's Besetting sin therefore some people will not in any way be affected by it.

EGWBC, 2BC 1017, commenting on 1Sam 15:17 Whatever may be man's besetting sin, whatever bitter or baleful passions struggle for the mastery, he may conquer, if he will watch and war against them in the name and strength of Israel's Helper.

Clark, This tells me that people can have the victory over any Lustful inclination. Now Jim it also means that your statement is Absolutely incorrect with respect to 'the sinless one'.

When Jesus was taken to the top of the mountain and shown the view He was tempted just like any other human being is tempted yet He Sinned not thus proving Temptation is not Sin.

So my burning question to you gentlemen is; 'is there anything to learn about sexual intercourse and intamacy, or are we born with the knowledge of this "insignificant subject"? - Which subject incidentally is the root cause of more than 10% of marital failures.

Mark again you have the idea however When a known prostitute begins playing with your feet and oiling them which can easily be adjudged as foreplay; according to Jim Clark and Don, there must have been sin in the thoughts of the two people involved. But we both know there was not a thought of lust in either of the two participants.

So it seems as though there is an underlying issue of understanding how the human brain/mind can work and divorcing it from our basic feelings when it comes to dealing with these Grey areas.
Hey Tony, my friend,

Please go back and reread what I wrote. I never said temptation is a sin.

This may show that you are not reading carefully.

Putting ourselves purposely in the way of temptation is presumptuous and unwise. That is what we do when we go intentionally to where we know we will be tempted to sin, thinking that we can handle it. It's both dangerous and foolish.
I have to ask... are you debating just for sport? Are you taking outlandish positions just to get people to respond to you? Because you are the same person that tried to establish that fertility treatments / artificial insemination was a sin in this discussion: Artificial Insemination. Now you are saying that watching pornography is not a sin? It doesn't add up and it sure doesn't make any sense to me.

I'm truly curious. God bless,
You know what I mean but thanks for this alternate, God bless!
Yes, but as some have already mentioned, a man looking at another woman to lust after her is just as wrong and sinful as a man doing it alone. What's the difference? It affects the mind and heart the same.

Before I gave my life completely to Christ, I was involved in all the garbage you are talking about, and more. There's nothing romantic or attractive about that stuff. It can waste years of your life trying overcome a terrible habit. It can become just like a drug. Perhaps you have no idea what it can lead to. I had a friend who used to visit a husband and wife so the husband could watch the wife with this friend of mine. It all started out from watching porn together. One misstep leads to another. The devil works slowly and craftily. He makes it all look so innocent and fun. He can play you and me like a violin. He knows us through and through and is the world's best psychologist. He's had about 6000 years to study human beings. DO NOT BE A FOOL. DON'T GET STARTED. STOP NOW.
Ok gentlemen the reason for giving the definition of pornography was so we would all be on the same page. However we were just not staying there. Partly because some of you are mind readers and can therefore tell what is in anybody's mind at any time, now that being said you therefore seem unable to have an open mind about such things as this.

So here are the facts as are written in the Bible:
1, Viewing / watching the human body with lust is a sin Matt: 5 - 28
2. Lust is defined as coveting in Rom: 7 - 7
3. Whatever bitter or baleful passions struggle for the mastery may conquered through faith in Christ. EGWBC, 2BC 1017, commenting on 1Sam 15:17
4. The word Pornography when correctly used refers to Fornication
5. Judging your fellow man is prohibited Matt: 7 - 1

It is evident to me that what I was talking about viewing / watching cannot be called pornography. I was hoping one of you gentlemen would have picked that up based on the definitions furnished not only by myself but by another post made by someone who's name I can't look back at.

Had Clark been focusing on the discussion and not something else he should have seen the thread, since he correctly identified my participation in another discussion in which I had what appeared to him to be an Asynchronous position in this discussion. But alas we see what we look for.

Any picture when viewed from a heart filled with Lust is equal to Sin. But the same picture when viewed with a heart void of lust can be a source of great information.
I hope you gentlemen with those strange ideas never have to do or view an Autopsy, or a child birth of a patient, or have to pronounce death at a murder scene where the couple were in bed both naked or any of the other large number of circumstances where the human body is naked. Because in your minds whenever you see a naked body other than you wife's you must have lust in your minds.

To the lady who asked the original question I hope you have some facts from which to make an informed decision about what to watch and why to watch it or not watch it.
Can't understand where you are going with this. Pornography is defined as "material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal."

So pornography is lascivious.

"Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, " (Gal.5:19)

If the pornography that you are watching does not arouse you sexually then it is very bad pornography. All pornography is designed to do, it's sole purpose, is to sexually arouse the viewer.

Tony, you said, "It is evident to me that what I was talking about viewing / watching cannot be called pornography." Firstly, you didn't actually define what images you are viewing (and I don't particularly want to know if it is pornography). If it is not pornography then why are you talking about it in a thread with the topic, "pornography"?

Particularly when you have already described what you are talking about as pornography!

You seem to suggest that you don't view it with the carnal mind subject to lust but with a spiritual mind that has overcome the lusts of this world?

"Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh." (Gal 5:18)

But if you were walking in the spirit then you would have no need nor desire to watch something that has been designed specifically to sexually arouse.

Your analogies in regard to autopsy, murder scene, etc., are not real analogies as the things that you have mentioned are: (a) very rarely encountered by those outside specialist jobs, and; (b) not designed to be sexually arousing.

You compared it to vegetarianism, that you have no desire smelling the meat but that's not the point. I have no problem walking past the pornography shelf in my local newsagent. But what about having a little taste of the meat everso often and then saying that the smell has no effect?

Your reasoning is very flawed. Nevertheless, pornography is something of the world that has no place in the Christian life. Sexual arousal should be something reserved for your wife, not pornographic images.

Brother, you're playing with fire, you know you're playing with fire. Christ had nothing whatsoever to do with sin when He walked this earth. Following His example is supposed to be our aim.
John B you do not seem to be responding to what I posted immediately before, and that leads to your sounding strange. Added to which fact I keep saying "Judge not" and you keep breaking that cardinal rule... No wonder you can't follow my logic ....

I write regarding the topic and I would think you want to do the same however you continously make comments about what I do personally, and I have never made any statement about myself except that I am Vegetarian. So Please stick to the topic and leave out the comments about my person, it is unchristian.


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