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wat do u pple tink? do u tink dat it can work?

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the distance really doesn't matter much as long as you realy love each other. putting God in the center of your relationship would break the spell of temptation's and unfaithfulness caused by the distance.
that is so true. once god has blessed the relationship and ^^^^^ a long term relationship is possible.
the distance, doesn't really mattters at all, as long as you truely love each other. putting God in the center of every relationship will break the spell of temptations and unfaithfullness caused by distance.
dats a fact and i strongly bliv so 2. pple we got 2 put God first in All tings
It can work, but make sure God is the centre/guiding your relationship. I'm from Australia, my husband is from Canada and we met online. We have been married for 4 blessed years and only God could have worked it all out.
I think distance isn't an issue in this kind of r/ship. what matters is the love you have for each other more so the trust you in your partner. r/ship has challenges which we have to admit and be ready to overcome them. It all depends on God will, let it be done in this r/ship
what can work?
its a matter of patience between the involved parties, if they are loyal to each other, then i believe it will work
EXACTLY! I beliv da loyalty is da key here

I totally agree. It will work if you put everything in the hand of The Lord from the beginning to the end. Patience, loyalty, money also will be the following matter to that.

I don't know...I believe that they can work as I have two friends who actually had those kind os relationships and they worked..They are married and have been for a number of years.

It just takes a lot of trust in your partner and yourself especially as welllas a high level of maturity.

God must lead out in all relationships but these kinds the couple needs God a whole lot...
Relationships need nurture. Email, skype, phone calls etc are all great and all but the fact is ther must be interaction to truly get to know someone and get a feel for them. The only way to know for sure if it's the right thing for u is to fast and pray and ask God for his guidance on the matter.


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