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Where I am from in Jamaica medical statistics estimate over 1000 deaths per month that are caused by lifestyle diseases which include:

Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes (type 1 and 2), Stroke, Chronic Diseases...

Other health conditions that are influenced by poor lifestyle choices include:

Cataracts, and macular degeneration of the eyes, arthritis in all forms, migraine, etc.

Did you know that the Centre For Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), the World Health Organization(WHO), and the United States department of Agriculture(USDA), along with others, have reported that 41 Million people will die from Chronic diseases by 2015 ?

I will be placing a bit later a power point presentation for those who are interested in the figures. The presentation also carries the solution. Please take time to look through the presentation.

Remember, don't be healthy by chance, but by choice.

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Am I healthy by choice or by chance? I'm healthy by choice. And I think, no, I know it is a rational choice.
Definately healthy by choice. I grew up skinny, got lazy in my teen years and got over weight and NEVER exercised. Met the man that would be my hubby and decided to take better care of myself for him. I lost 55lbs, didn't do pills or gimicks, just started moving and educating myself about health. Now 10yrs after my initial weight loss, I only weigh 10lbs more than before I had my 2 kids.

It became a passion. I am now working on a Bachelor's degree in Health and Wellness. I'd be very interested in seeing your power point presentation!
Praise the Lord Tracy! I really appreciate good testimonies like these. I will be placing it as soon as possible.
I see more and more persons getting health concious these days mostly women. A healthy lifestyle is extremely important especially when age is not on your side.

It is a difficult task for me to practice healthy living, most times i fall miserably at dieting because of time management and the inability to commit. I recognize the need to have a customized meal plan, schedule for excercise and rest time but fail to put them in action.

It is alarming to see the death rate brings to my mind priorities. Undoubtedly i want to be healthy by choice and not by chance. I would certainly like to see the presentaion as well. Good question
Well, I know how to be healthy by choice. I have studied how to be healthy by choice. Implementing it is a different thing all together. Funny that you'd pot this because we made a decision last week to start living what we have studied. Looking forward to the presentation.
Its always a struggle for people in general to keep healthy, and half of the time its not that they don't desire good health either. Its all in the head. No will to do what is known.

I run a home-based wellness business, having a medical background, and I have seen unfortunate circumstances that could have been avoided if persons were just a little more pro-active about their health.

I have always said that diseases don't flash warning red lights. In most cases, the only time one detects the symptoms of a particular disease, is when its in the advanced stage, and by that time it may already be too late. Statistically, there are about 19 females to 1 male who gets a regular medical check. Men are so afraid of what they might hear so they'd rather stay clear of doctors....isn't that sad?

So ladies hats off to you.
i wish my mother would have done what she'd known she must rather than be, well, lazy. No exercise, poor eating habits. Two years ago she had successful surgery to remove pancreatic cancer. In that process, they also removed a portion of her intestine and stomach to try to be sure they got everything. That caused a problem where now scar tissue is causing a partial blockage and eating anything often causes her great discomfort.

To compound that problem, blood tests show that the cancer is trying to come back. She has finally vowed to start eating healthfully (and refuses chemo or radiation as she does not want her immune system compromised at this time), but now that eating is a chore altogether, recovery is going to take a maricle.
We need to talk urgently because I am going to recommend something to you. In my ministry I have come across cancer patients who are still alive because of certain nutritional programs we have placed them on. There are endless testimonies I could share with you if you so desire, but please contact me as soon as possible.

I don't desire to advertise on a forum of this nature, but would appreciate if you were to make contact with me as soon as possible. I can be reached at:

1-876-925-9984 home/office
For persons born with illnesses like sickle cell, is there any hope for them through herbal life or any other means to live a healthy?
Good question Lyneth...

There is hope for sicke-cell patients. A person who has sickle cell disease, which is different from sickle cell trait, tends to go in a crisis when his or her red blood cells are oxygen deprived.

Consuming foods that will improve blood circulation is a good start. Foods rich in omega-3s, (and they are 8 different types of O-3s) and vitamin-E are ways of enhancing blood circulation, but a larger part of the problem lies with the reality that people are consuming too much processed foods, rather than whole foods. Processed foods lack the vital nutrients that are needed by one's 78 trillion body cells, including the billions of red blood cells.

Another point I'd like to make is that sickle cell disease is a genetic one, but it doesn't mean that genes cannot be re-programmed. Good nutrition together with good whole foods supplement, can bring about tremendous changes in one's life. I have seen too many miracles when people whose bodies were ravaged by diseases, changed their lifestyles, and started consuming more whole foods, as well as whole food supplements, and becoming more physically active.

NB...Lyneth....not every company that sells nutrition supplements can be trusted to deliver nutritional value for money. Although I personally believe that it is necessary to use supplements, which I have been doing for the past 13 years with 1 company, I also believe that one should search carefully. A lot of companies are just in it for the money and fail to deliver quality products. Also beware of people who tend to promote one product (cure-all products) which they say is good for everything.
I don't know if you would suggest differently for persons with Sickle Cell mix with a blood condition called thalassemia or the same would apply?

(Classified as SB Thalassemia)

You said that there are 8 different types of omega 3 which one would you recommend ?

I was told that nothing could or can be done about people living with sickle cell, but i would like u to tell me more about the re-programming of the genes. Thanks for sharing.
No I wouldn't suggest differently. Anything that will enhance circulation is of great help to persons who suffer from the above conditions.

Nature intended that we receive all 8 Omega-3s all at once when we eat, so on that basis I suggest you try and get all of them. If you're interested in ensuring that all 8 become apart of your diet, then let me know.


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