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Where I am from in Jamaica medical statistics estimate over 1000 deaths per month that are caused by lifestyle diseases which include:

Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes (type 1 and 2), Stroke, Chronic Diseases...

Other health conditions that are influenced by poor lifestyle choices include:

Cataracts, and macular degeneration of the eyes, arthritis in all forms, migraine, etc.

Did you know that the Centre For Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), the World Health Organization(WHO), and the United States department of Agriculture(USDA), along with others, have reported that 41 Million people will die from Chronic diseases by 2015 ?

I will be placing a bit later a power point presentation for those who are interested in the figures. The presentation also carries the solution. Please take time to look through the presentation.

Remember, don't be healthy by chance, but by choice.

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Hi Bobby,

What do you think about the nutrilite vitamin products??
-Sis Joanne
Just a reminder for those who have not yet seen the video called "The Tre-en-en story". In a nutshell it discusses the value of whole foods as well as whole food supplements.

This video can be seen in the video section on the site.
Hello i am from Jamaica too. i thinks thats its by choice although most of the time its also by chance. depending on your circumstances.
Hey Paula thanks for responding. Good to know that part of your being healthy is by choice, and not only by of my job as a health professional is to educate persons of the seriousness of, and to bring to their attention:

1. the global chronic disease crisis/epidemic that is literally killing people by the millions un-necessarily

2. the tremendous financial burden that is brought to bear on government, and individuals in trying to treat these types of diseases, when the answer lies in education and prevention

Presently I am associated with a research, health and nutrition company that is successfully making a positive difference in people's lives. Its positive global impact is astounding and I am looking for persons with similar interest to help us achieve our goals in educating more people.

Almost all of us, if not most of us, on this forum know about someone, be it a friend or family member, who is gravely ill. If you do make every effort to join me in my goal to help lessen the impact of disease and sickness.

I am considering using yahoo, or Skype, whether it is instant messaging, or voice chat, to establish a network.

Join me at to start the ball a rolling.
this is a good question. to be healthy is by choice.
How do u say that it is a by choice? Lots of people dont know about that.
Well, Iots of people don't really know how to choose for several reasons, one of which is that they were never properly educated about what is good and what is bad for their health. One's cultural impact has a lot to do with one's strength of will to reverse certain tendencies.
Yes being healthy is by choice. I'm eating healthy because I believed lifestyle diseases are by choice too. If we want to live longer and without sickness, then it is your choice.
Let me play the devil's advocate and ask you a question. How can you be sure you're eating correctly?


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