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I would like to get some feed back on what all of you are doing for AY at your church. What do you do for Sabbath afternoon or sundown worship? It would be great to get some fresh ideas from other places. What do you say?

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well mainly we have discussion on various topics such a histroy on sevnth day
before we have social
What do you do for "social"? Is it an open discussion or is it a bible study with guide?
a social is sorta like a gaming night where all the youth and seniors come together and play ring games, board games etc. until really late.
I really like that part! lol
For sundown we engage the Church in Bible games.....
Varieties such as featuring Acappella Groups, Drama, general youth drill etc

We Participate on Sabbath schools only on Youth Sabbaths which comes up on every 3rd sabbath of every month...where we can choose to act the 'keeping on course' or even teach the 'sabbath school lesson' in a drama form, etc
what type of Bible games do you play??? i would like to know them ................. thanks
hi......1st, happy sabbath...

AY activities; mainly we got short praise n worship before begin AY, bible games ( anything about lesson/story inside bible), discussion, talent day(special songs, poem, act, and more), outreach to other churches (SDA), visiting friends, choir practice and more.......

sundown worship: only a short praise and worship(we seldom get chance to do sundown worship together with other members, this is due to some issue)


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