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Adventist Online is looking for greeters for the web site. I'm looking for five people to start. But we could have lots!

These greeters would welcome new people as they join the site, answer any questions they might have, and maybe add them as friends.

If you are interested, please drop me a line, respond to this forum post, or leave a comment on my profile telling me you would like to do this.

God bless!

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Hi I have not been regular on Adventist online but in anyway I could contribute to the advancement of the network i would be interested!
Just send me my job description and how to do what is necessary I am willing
Hi, I like the idea, Ive been actualy doing that, but i Couldn't greet all.. so i like to know what can I do to help.
wel am totally interested in that job. i can assure you that i wil do exactly what is required. i have been experience in being a admin so i belive i can do that 1. as you can c am always regular
I'm interested in doing this..just email me the details and what I have to do.

I would like to do this ,I think its something i would enjoy doing, plus i have a lot of time
can spare right now. you can check out my profile and leave infomation /details about
been a greeter

Paula Grant
Hi Paula,
I just sent a message / invitation for you to join our greeters group. Thanks so much for your willingness to help!
i would love to be a greeter here .... i have enjoyed this website ever since i joined and i want to share with others the great experiences and meaningful friendships i have developed and also invite them to invite other adventists to be apart of this unique and christian filled social network......
Hi Pooh Bear!
I just sent a message / invitation for you to join our greeters group. Thanks so much for your willingness to help!
I am very much interested, actually I would be happy to be one of them.
I'll send you an invitation to the Greeters group that will give you some more info.

Thanks so much for being willing to help reach out to others!
God bless
I would like to do this. What is expected of me?
It sounds like fun to do this. But how will I know who those who just joined are?


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