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Adventist Online is looking for greeters for the web site. I'm looking for five people to start. But we could have lots!

These greeters would welcome new people as they join the site, answer any questions they might have, and maybe add them as friends.

If you are interested, please drop me a line, respond to this forum post, or leave a comment on my profile telling me you would like to do this.

God bless!

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Hi there, thanks for adding me in the Site Greeters group. Can I be added in the site greeters link in the members page?
I will love to do it...I started already but will like to do it officially. Just give me the full details.
Hi Dennis,
I just sent you and invitation to the Site Greeters Group. There is more info there.
Thanks so much for all your hard work!
i check am not getting trough
The post by Joan ... will explain. Yes, many of us miss Margaret very much.
She left after a misunderstanding, without giving the person involved in the misunderstanding an opportunity to reason with her.

This has been misconstrued by one poster and presented as some type of personal attack on Margaret.

This was not the case, but unfortunately Margaret deleted her account so the only thing people have as "evidence" are some peoples interpretation of the event.

The link 4him provided only points to one persons view of the situation, who did not have all the facts at hand and did not display a balanced response to the situation.

Unfortunately for all board users.

It was very sad that Margaret left, the enemy won a battle that day and would seek to make even more controversy out of it if at all possible, we should guard against that.

God bless,

Margaret has confided with some of us what really happened Mark. I beg to differ with your slant. It has to do with the need of some to judge and rebuke others. But, I really don't think we need to rehash this. Do you?
And we are to take one persons view of a situation and judge a person with it?

Is that a Christian principle?

No. :-)

God bless,

Mark ... many here were a witness to the abuse. I saw for myself what you posted on her board. I really don't think you want to go down this road. Just drop it.
You two guys are best of friends...;-)
The statement went along the lines of:

"I know you do not understand the merits of Christ, otherwise your reaction would be different".

Now that may have been unwise, but it was not malicious.

I cannot drop it my friend when you raise it as a charge.

God bless,

Whatever Mark. You can spin it minimize and sanitize it however you choose. I would for your sake like to drop it. It is not a very pleasant topic. I miss Margaret very much. It is quite sad for this forum to lose her.


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