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Adventist Online is looking for greeters for the web site. I'm looking for five people to start. But we could have lots!

These greeters would welcome new people as they join the site, answer any questions they might have, and maybe add them as friends.

If you are interested, please drop me a line, respond to this forum post, or leave a comment on my profile telling me you would like to do this.

God bless!

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It is also sad to lose Sky.

When I got in this site, there are already greeters...Each one could act as GREETER by themselves...I can still remember those people who had shown me a warm welcome but I haven't seen those people here to apply as greeters...;-)...I really thought that there already greeters in here...;-)
ronie, 27,

There are and were already greeters here :-) AO was the original greeter and others were invited to be.

This thread was started over a year ago for those who wanted to join the group of greeters who were already... er, greeting.
Yes, of course, AO should be the first greeter since he is part of the admin of this site...

As what the AO account said in a reply to a particular thread, AO does not consist of only 1 person but consisted of those who are part of the admin....;-)...I presume you knew that Bro. JohnB...;-). And so, they are automatically counted in as greeters by themselves...Right?...;-)

Anyway, it's not the issue at all...If you don't mind me asking you this, are you one of those who pioneered the original greeters?

Indeed, am happy getting to know you Bro. JohnB in here...To be more precised, am glad to be among your friends...;-)...It's a wonderful blessing...;-)..God bless!
Hi, ronie, 27,

Yes, I think I am one of the "pioneer greeters" :-)

Although, if I'm honest, I have let those duties slip as I had less and less time to spend on the forum.

Thank you for your kind words, God bless!
May I know who are the "official" greeters?...;-)...Who are the "The Lucky 5"?

Hi, ronie_27,

I'm laughing because there are 64 site greeters. There is a group called "Official Site Greeters" - so if you are really interested to try and work out who they all are then go and have a look there :-)

I joined that group almost a year ago but I have no idea how many were in the group prior to my joining.

Well, you have said it well...hehehehe...Anyway, thanks for the invitation. I opted to just not look for them....hhehehehe...I can still remember, Margarette, Ladyeve, ACFN were the 3 persons who greeted me first...

I have observed they are very active in welcoming new members here that's when I first got in here...I have been seeing them in new members page welcoming them...;-)...

So sad, I have heard that Margarette has departed in here nevertheless I don't know if she has forfeited her membership here...Let's just pray for her she would get back in here...;-)
Just wanna ask AO...Can we (not assigned as greeters) welcome new members here?...",
Absolutely! We would love for everyone to greet new members.

And your request has caused us to go ahead and do what we should have done a while ago. Create new Greeters group.

Why? The old greeters group was "by invitation only". This turned out to be cumbersome and confusing. Anyone that wanted to join had to request and invitation. We then had to send the invitation. They would receive it and then be able to join. There were just too many chances for error and confusion in that process. We want it to be easy to join and take part.

So we have started a new Greeters group here:

This new group is easy to join. One click does it! This is the way it should have been all along. Unfortunately we could not convert the old group from "invitation only" to letting anyone join. Our software platform just didn't allow it.

So Ronie, join the new group. And thanks for being willing to reach out to your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Be are all better off because of people like you.

God bless!
-Adventist Online
Thanks for this information AO. I'd be glad to be a part of the greeters and it would be an honor to welcome them. I just wanted to share with the new members the warm welcome I've experienced when I first gon in here...", God bless...",


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