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Alright folks as you well know that cooking is forbidden on the holy day, and everything regarding food preparation should be done before the sabbath begins, although SoP says in Ministry of Healing that food prepared before Sabbath should be warmed on Sabbath not to eat cold food which is unhealthy. So my question is:-
We have electric jugs, kettles, coffee makers etc. On sabbath morning if i boil water or make coffee is it not against what the Lord commanded that NO COOKING?
I need your views because i was considering buying a thermos flask to store my hot breakfast drink for Sabbath.

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are you reading SOP? refer your answer not only from the bible alone but also from the SOP its for our own safety..we always makes excuses,scene or some stories just to justify what we want to do on the sabbath day...what EGW wrote was so easy to understand that all of us can explain it... unless you dont believe that Ellen G. White is our end time prophet, well, that will be another topic to be disscuss....
It's not my opinion is what our Adventist Mission says regarding cooking...aren't they know and believe the writing of E.G. White...and this topic have been discussed for several years ago with the same agenda...and it's true!! God Bless!! ^^,
then whom you believe the opinion of our Adventist mission or what our prophet EGW wrote? read, read,read,balance everything...
Again Andrea and vea keep it up, thanks for the info, keep the info coming. There should be sudden change and we should speak boldly since these days the line of demarcation between the church and the world is almost invisible.?
I thank the Lord, that He gave me this question because i have learnt a great deal from the messages posted here from SoP.
God bless ya all!
I think when ever we discuss God's word we should always discuss on the basis of PRINCIPLES.
and not RULES. And that was the problem with the children of Israel and that is the problm with us SDA's.

So a rule is given Remember the sabbath Day..........six days thou shalt do all thy work......... And alsothe event of the children of Isreal gathering the manner and also instructions from Moses

All these are events, instructions, rules, but what is the principle?

Let's look at the rule WORK what is work? how do w define work?we can come up with all definitions. I will not define it but what i want us to reflect on is the time when Jesus picked the corn
was He working was he cooking? Why did he not prepare? Rules and the truth is rules will always change depending on circumstance, situation and more light, interpretation......

But principles never change. And what is the principe here Worshiping God, and NOTHING should distract nothing should compete from that. And don't think we can worship anytime of couse but not every day sactified. I can have water in a thermos and still be distracted, i can boil water and be distracted i can have water in a thermos and also boil water and not be distraced.

The old testament told persons to store before the sabbath, inthe new testament jesus showed a different way he picked. Sis White told us not to light a fire (wood etc) lighting fire was labourous, she also told persons not to bathe on the sabbath why?Labourious RULES what is the principle. Is bathing on the sabbath work? is it preparing for the sabbath? is bathing today classified as labour or preparation ? can we just fit everything she says in todays context not to light a fire? Let us look for the principle and not for rules.

Let us also confess that somethings Sis White says is her conviction and not nessarily divine inspiration. Are we to conclude that everything Sis White says is inspiration from God? Yes i can hear u she does not belive in Ellen White. That is not true, what i can tell you is that anything the bible does not comment on i leave it as that and whoever brings their views i take it as their view and tread with caution. The BIBLE & the BIBLE is our ONLY GUIDE says the BIBLe & Ellen White. She is the lesser light so how can the lesser light give directives to the greater light IMPOSSIBLE. So let the bible speak let us draw the principle(s) and we can never go wrong. (In passing)

the problem with us is interpretation and it is amazing how third world countries of which i am part of interprete Ellen white's writings as compared to the western world I always wonder why?
i was raised not boiling water but it is years i have boiled water and i know i am enjoying the Sabbath more it is not a burden but a delight now please dont think what i am not saying which is boiling water is a delight while a thermos is a burden. I am not saying that and the reason i brougth it up is interpretation. In passing this sabbath a pastor said he will not sing a song in church which is part of the worship that does not mention the name of jesus or God but then it dawned on me the book of Esther and songs of Soloman does not mention the name of jesus and that is why we are so confused God's pulpit is used too much in preaching strong convictions and views. How i long for the day when i hear a sermon void of opinions.Back to the topic

The thing for us to consider is are we really keping the sabbath holy? Now lets look away from boiling water or not but lets look at the heart? how is my heart where is my aligeance Is the Holy Spirit lord of my life? And if the answer is YES He will guide me into all truth.

Let us stop dwelling on rules but on PRINCIPLES

So because of the principle i know i can prepare during the six days and what i have prepared i i can place it in the oven for an hour or ten minutes in the oven of couse not forgetting living in the Holy Spirit or better said I have surrendered to the
This is what i'm trying to say on my previous post...thanks patrice
Joseph it's realy a good concern to somebody like me over some time.

Now its true that cooking on sabbath is a sin i agree with you pretty much and warming is allowed as the SoP says.

It becomes a sin when we take the whole time thinking of which type of food to eat and like those our old mothers dont have this gadgets u talking about ,the get up in the morning then you here them splitting firewood! Come lunchtime after chuch my sisters can bear witness on this net they get home; undress,then start lighting the whole staff of fire! dont you think this is even one of the courses that make people not to attend sabbath afternoons.Sure its satan telling people that "dont worry Its not a sin,does'nt God know that food prepared on friday for sabbath will have some smell or even get spoiled?"

The whole dont com age has simplified this issues by bringing in the electric gadgets tis help alit but beware you dont fall in the same trap!

I mean we still have to Prepare our food early so that on sabbath morning you wake up knowing the kind of breakfast you need to take come lunctime you also know the kind of lunch you gonna take.
It should not reach lunchtime is when you are asking youself aah! now what do i eat for lunch?

Joseph Buy the Thermos if it will be enough for you.
Thanks Desmond, God bless ya.
why don't we fast for every Sabbath!! its conclude this topic!! (^^,)
you doesn't need to think about what you should eat on the Sabbath day!!
I quote this because my friend fast for every Sabbath day...and he doesn't have a problem with cooking or even heating the food on Sabbath!! (^^,)
You are right that carelessness has crept in among Sabbath observers. That is without a doubt true.

But this does not really pertain to this present discussion about heating/cooking food on Sabbath. It is a straw-man argument. Heating/cooking food on Sabbath does NOT equate to being careless with Sabbath observance. I know this because EGW said it was OK to heat food. So simply saying that Sabbath observance will become more careless, although true, does not inform this discussion either way. Look at what the people that are advocating for the sinlessness of heating/cooking on the Sabbath write. They are not being careless with Sabbath observance at all. They have prayerfully and carefully considered this issue. They are much more thoughtful about this issue than people who just stick to one pattern of behaviour because that is their local tradition and 'what they have always done'.

They might have come to a different conclusion than you, but please, do not paint them with the brush of being "careless with Sabbath observance."
My apologies. I did not mean to imply anything, motives or otherwise, to anyone else. I do not want to put down the opposing view in any way. I do want to counteract people of the opposing view putting my thoughts and positions down as sin. I think the people that are in this discussion on both sides of the issue have carefully considered it. But the people on the more conservative side keep pointing out, directly and indirectly, that the people on the other side are sinners or, at the least, careless in their Sabbath observation. I merely wanted to point out that both sides are thoughtful and deliberate. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be in this discussion.

And yes, I think this discussion is much the same as Big Franks vs. Vege-Links. I DO think it is dreadful that the Big Frank eaters keep calling the Vege-Link eaters sinners. I would think that no matter if I ate Big Franks (I do!) or Vege-Links. I object to that behavior no matter which side of the issue I'm on. And if you think that what is being stated is not judging... what bigger judgment is there besides whether another person is willfully sinning or not? That is what I object to. I mean, would you really be all right with someone in your own church continually calling you a heretic because you act differently than them on an issue that you have carefully and prayerfully studied? If so, you are a bigger man than I. With God's help... I'm working on it. ;-) I ignored it when you mentioned it before because that is obviously the issue I have with it! I dislike people calling me a willful sinner for doing something I have prayed, thought, read, listened to the Spirit, and deliberated on and then acted on the way I have been led. I'm sick of sanctimonious people parading out quotes that might not apply and calling me a sinner because I have come to a different conclusion. Does that make me sensitive? Perhaps. Human? Very much so. I know I'm a sinner... but let's deal with the real, concrete, 10 commandment sins in my life that I do on a daily basis. We don't need to make new ones up based on inconclusive evidence. :-)

I do believe it is a straw man arguement. She is not misrepresenting the opposing view but misrepresenting their classification or category and then knocking down that categorical straw man with a quote that speaks against people who do what they are implied to be doing. By giving that quote she is implicitly including the opposing view among that category of people. It is a straw man because the quote is not about cooking on Sabbath. It is about carelessness of Sabbath observance and she implicitly includes those that heat/cook food on Sabbath as being part of that group. Then she knocks down the straw man. What would one call that besides a straw man argument? Am I labeling it incorrectly? I might be. But I do know it's not logical and her quote does not apply to this discussion.

You are right about relying on the principles. You can use EGW's advice about other heating/cooking to inform your view on boiling water. That is a perfect use of her writings and I am completely in favor of it. What I am not in favor of is people using those same writings as if they did directly address the issue and putting down / judging others who do not interpret them the same way. They are principles that can and are interpreted differently by different people. Big Franks vs. Vege-Links. :-)

Thanks for keeping me honest and my thinking sharp! God bless.
I certainly agree that there is no simplistic answer or way to deal with this.

As for all this discussion about cooking on the Sabbath being off topic, I don't think it is. The entire thread is entitled "Cooking on Sabbath" by the original author. And I think further 'cooking' discussion also came from what he stated as categorically true and factual in the original post: "Alright folks as you well know that cooking is forbidden on the holy day..." I think there are some nuances in that statement that people wanted to discuss. So I don't view any of the cooking discussion as off topic. True, it is not an answer to his question, but I think discussion of his stipulation was needed in order to give our views on a possible answer to his question.

I'll see you in the kingdom brother... and we can debate Big Franks vs. Vege-Links. (It's not even a contest!!!)

God bless!


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