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Alright folks as you well know that cooking is forbidden on the holy day, and everything regarding food preparation should be done before the sabbath begins, although SoP says in Ministry of Healing that food prepared before Sabbath should be warmed on Sabbath not to eat cold food which is unhealthy. So my question is:-
We have electric jugs, kettles, coffee makers etc. On sabbath morning if i boil water or make coffee is it not against what the Lord commanded that NO COOKING?
I need your views because i was considering buying a thermos flask to store my hot breakfast drink for Sabbath.

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Hey Andrea, i prepare my food before the Sabbath, i even begin Thursday night depending on what i have to prepare and i still put it in the oven on Sabbath mornings then put it in an ice cooler so when i get home i do not have to warm. So the point is not that we think the food does not taste good or it will spoil but as long as the preparation is done that does not constitute as cooking. So all my pies are cooked in the oven all i have to do is light a match. We in the third world are sometimes to legalistic and we like to condemn too much. I remember growing up and if i picked a guava on the tree on the sabbath iwas flogged. We could not go out for walks in nature it was deemed as pleasure. Before my grandmother died if i did that she she belived i was breaking the sabbath. So lets not judge, and not let us not think we are better than persons because of teaching we have had. I had to unlearn a lot of things in my life. And i sense here u are equating keeping those rules you were taught to be true adventism. More and more i am learning and unlearning. It is a pity how we behave with others with different views than us and that is the same way we behave with those of other religions. We think we know all. So stop judging but let us discuss. Intrpretation. Whose interpretaion do i listen to. My view pray about read all you can ask question and you will be guided. I have learnt not to only depend on tradition, a culture or even older persons because when i study for myself we see where there are so far off.

And yur point about not having sister white's writing, we do but the truth is we read it at face value. So if Sister white says i saw in the latter days persons praising God with songs and drums we just conclude we should not have drums. I think we should discuss how should one interpretate Ellen Whites writing
Learning new things... unlearning what we already thought was "truth." It is all part of our journey toward sanctification. They are both very difficult.

You are highly unusual Judilia Patrice! I enjoy your posts. You break the stereotypes. And I appreciate that a great deal. In this discussion I can look at the responses and predict with very high accuracy the culture that the writer grew up in. I could not do that with you! I applaud you for your study and striving to apply principles when the original light does not apply directly to the situation being considered.

I do not want my praise of your views/mindset to be construed as condemnation of other views. It is not. I believe all of us should follow the Spirit where He leads us. But included in that comes an admonition to all of us to not condemn the "tares" before the harvest. We are not the harvester! We cannot tell the difference between the wheat and the tares. But Christ can. He is the harvester and He will separate the wheat from the tares.

God bless!
Hello Andrea,
It is difficult to be understood across the many cultures that are represented here!

I agree that watering down the truth is a problem that we should strive with all our might to avoid. However, all the changes in our church today are not because we have watered down the our standards. Some changes are because we actually have a better understanding of what the scripture and SoP are guiding us toward.

Jesus practiced a vastly different religion than the Israelites. And I don't think anyone would say he watered down scripture. He just did it differently. Different does not necessarily mean it is watered down, ill-advised,or sinful. Christ showed that.

Thank you for your contributions! I enjoy reading them. God bless.
The only answer I have to your question Andrea is because Satan is hard at work. We DO have a better understanding of scripture now than ever before. And yet as you point out, our churches are full of sinners. (But isn't that the way it is supposed to be? The church should be a hospital for sinners... not a hospice for saints. That is a different topic.)

I don't think moral degradation in the church is a new thing. It has always been the case. The Bible is FULL of moral degradation in the churches of that time. It was the same in the Old Testament and New. EGW's writings address a church full of moral degradation in her time. It has always been a problem and always will be as long as we live in a sinful world. Moral degradation in the church is a terrible thing. We must do all we can to stop it.

But saying that because there is moral degradation in the church now means that our beliefs must be watered down is simply not true. We have always been able to find Godly men and women in our churches. And we can today. So I would not point to churches of old as moral and the church today as immoral. They have always been immoral. Thus they are not a standard for us to strive toward.

Christ and His likeness are the only things we must strive toward. And he was a rebel that practiced a different kind of religion than anyone else. A religion that reached out to these same morally degraded sinners you talk about. ;-)
Hi Andrea,
i've read about ur position concerning the "cooking on sabbath"
I know Christ said that sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath. so if eating a cold meal will affect one's health, i think the person should go ahead and cook and ofcourse eating cold meal is dangerous to the health don't u think so?
  • Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, after careful studying of the word, Cooking on Sabbath should be done away with totally.
  • Even heating seems to be a problem, so it's better to do away with everything and eat palatable fruits, one cant die in a day after taking fruits and besides fruits are healthy and build the mind.
  • Now regarding cooking on sabbath whether it's a sin or not, definitely it's a sin! No need to explain that! Sin is the transgression of the law, or simply missing the mark. People who are saying that turning on the oven and boil whatever food on sabbath isn't work should be careful, God had all the wisdom and he sees the future, so he would have given light whether in the future it would be okay to cook on sabbath.
  • I would love also to point out, the reason people defend cooking on sabbath is because, they have no control over appetite. Sincerely speaking if you take fruits on sabbath will you die?
  • Laodecia is neither warm or cold, that's the reason why we are devising theories about time taken to heat and cook.
  • If thermos flasks and food flasks exists why not take good use of them?. The major problem here is lack of control of appetite, such people wanna eat lots of food on sabbath which might lead to lack of focus.
  • Just like it was in the past, the Lord doesn't want excuses, why not experiment to obey and cook not on sabbath as the word says and see what the Lord will do next!
  • It really beats my understanding to see Adventists in the so called 3rd world countries obey no cooking on sabbath and in western countries continue to do whatever they want on the Lord's day. Guys lets wake up, can't we see that we have become Babylon we think we are rich and not in need? I've written sharp points but yes God's word is the truth like a two edged sword. We need to change our mindset or else we are in babylon, why not obey the Lord and his commandments and not just be saturday worshippers but true adventists.

    The greatest want of the world is the want of men, men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by it's right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.
I think that some people take the "sabbath" to far with all the dos and donts. If we are not allowed to heat water on Sabbath then why did Jesus break corn on the Sabbath? Wasn't it for simular purposes? We need to eat everyday in order to keep healthy. I agree with preparation but to go as far as not wanting to heat water on the Sabbath is too far.
The Sabbath is the Lord's day moreover God's seal, it sets us apart from the World. These last days we'll either receive the mark of the beast in our foreheads or God's mark!
The Sabbath has to be embedded in the mind, that's where the battle for supremacy is going on right now between Christ and the devil.

So it's not a small thing, and eating healthy doesn't mean eating lots on sabbath, research has it that a day or two without meals is healthy and rejuvenates the digestive tract which is overworked everyday.

So sister we just need to move forward, let's forsake what the world is doing, from where i grew up SDAs are known as people who prepare not food on sabbath, and we are proud of that message that we believe in Christ and do His will and obey his commandments.

Today's world is full of home appliances why shouldn't we exhaust those appliances and then inform the Lord to remember us for obeying what he commanded, taking an example from prophet Nehemiah.
Assuming Nehemiah arose today, tell me how furious he would be, tell me how he would be moving from one continent to another throwing out people who profane God's sabbath. With God there's no history, from what i have learnt here, heating/ boiling water is classed as cooking, so lets exhaust the thermos flasks available.

We don't seek righteousness by obeying the law, but through faith in Jesus Christ, but faith without works is dead!
So we need to obey everything the Lord commanded, what is written?It is written that all cooking should be done before the sabbath begins, as in all cooking!

Spicy i think humans we are creative we can put together some really great food prepared before the sabbath which really is palatable and nutritious.
With God's word either you take it or leave it, the bible says light has come to the world and the world has refused it, so there's nothing like agreeing, it's the master who has said, and at the same time our father!
We don't want to make our father angry and by the way he is so merciful that every second, we wander away from him, but He still loves us, why shouldn't we please our Lord with the help of the Holy Spirit and do His will?

Sister be blessed and May the good Lord keep you safe these last days. Please i am not forcing my views onto you, but just pointing out what the Lord desires of us, you can either leave it or think about it or ask the Lord to give you guidance.

Most problems in reading the Bible and the SOP is the literal application of their admonitions without considering the historical context where those words were written. We should be guided by this: “The Word of God abounds in general principles for the formation of correct habits of living, and the testimonies, general and personal, have been calculated to call their attention more especially to these principles” (Testimonies 4:323).

Both in the time of Moses and of Ellen White, cooking food is laborious and time consuming and thus taking much of the Sabbath time which should be devoted with God. When Mrs. White wrote of warming of food on the Sabbath, it is not just a flick of the stove knob or pushing a microwave button. Many a cooking appliance today would take a shorter time to cook food than to warm food then. Think of the crook pot where you can put all your ingredients, switch it on and when you return from church, all is cooked.

The principle is to avoid any activities (not just cooking) that will rob us the precious time with our God on the day He has set aside for this purpose. The application of Biblical and SOP principles, as we are admonished to do, would prevent us from falling into fanaticism.
Brother ClaRov, i have no idea why you are mentioning history. With God there's no history brother. God and His laws are immutable.

Forget history, what does the Lord say? What did the light through SoP give? No cooking, and by the way warming was to be done if and only if in cold weather, but apart from that no heating at all.
The bible clearly says in Matthew 15:9 - They worship me in vain, their teachings are but rules taught by men.

If we continue to bring in scientific and historic explanations about what the Lord taught then we'll have to explain why we added on God's word.
The Lord desires men, who will forsake the world and serve him in spirit and in truth. We are people who should go by the phrase "Thus says the word of God"

They is nothing legalistic, fanatic or whichever way you may portray it about God's word, because if it's so, people like Ezra, Nehemiah wouldn't have brought sweeping reforms in the OT church!

For your own information by the time Sis. White died electric devices had already been invented, so you mean she didn't see them or didn't hear about them. Why did the Lord not give her more information about preparing food on sabbath using those devices?
Folks the time is hear and now is the time, if we think we serve the Lord in faith we need to take a radical step.

Living in pleasure has beclouded our thinking and serving the Lord. From what is available the bible clearly says no cooking on sabbath, SoP clearly says no cooking on sabbath heating to be done if and only if during cold weather.
my brother history should and must be taken into consideration. I think sometimes we take all of Ellen Whtie words as literal. She had a vision and we take everything literal. We should be careful. The Historical context of what she says must bear to mind. The question is how should we intreprete ellen whits writings and i think that is something the church must address. Too often we discuss what ellen white says and not what the bible says. Her writings too often brings contention due to interpretation. A wise old elder once taught me when i was younger because we were beaten with the writings of ellen white and the truth i disliked her. He told me look up everything she says about a topic and then come to a conclusion. What i found out was that she made one statement there and sometimes it seemed she was contradicting herself but she was not. What she was addressing was different circumstances different situationsI have tried to do that and it worked sometimes why not all the time because i am finding out that there are so many things she addressed on topics that i do not have access to.
The brother is correct we need to bear in mind the historical context. There are so many things Sis White said that we as a church don't adhead to why because of its historical context. Sis white was against insurance my grandmother did not believe in it does the church advocate that.
I belive that all sides believe that we should prepare before the question is how much preparation is classified as preparation. I don't know if we all will ever agree but what i know is that the holy spirit will guide us into all truth.


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