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Alright folks as you well know that cooking is forbidden on the holy day, and everything regarding food preparation should be done before the sabbath begins, although SoP says in Ministry of Healing that food prepared before Sabbath should be warmed on Sabbath not to eat cold food which is unhealthy. So my question is:-
We have electric jugs, kettles, coffee makers etc. On sabbath morning if i boil water or make coffee is it not against what the Lord commanded that NO COOKING?
I need your views because i was considering buying a thermos flask to store my hot breakfast drink for Sabbath.

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HaShem has His Torah for us to enjoy, and not to be burdened by. Its bad enough that Christianity believes that Torah is a burden. Read Exodus 16 in context. HaShem sent manna from heaven. The Israelites were to cook and bake everything before the Sabbath, because kindling fire on the Sabbath is a violation of it. They were not to go out looking for food in the fields, because they would have to cook it with fire.

If they do that, they would be violating the Sabbath. Nowadays, we have microwaves, thermo flask, and the like, to heat our foods, etc. Are these instruments kindling fire? I do not think so. Microwaves uses radiation, and thermo flask uses thermo and heat.. possibly radiation. Its about reading in context, and in its original understanding so that we can FREELY ENJOY TORAH!
All that can be done before Sabbath should be done. However, if cooking before Sabbath will affect your health, Be careful


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