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Croatian shops will have to be closed on Sundays as of Jan. 1 in concession to Catholic church
4:02 AM EDT, July 15, 2008
ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) _ The Croatian parliament has passed a law forcing shops to close on Sundays in a concession to the Roman Catholic church
The law adopted Tuesday and goes into effect Jan. 1. 2009.


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Right now i see where everything is being Globalized, it is no suprise to me what will happen next. Our food on our table is now used to produce oil for effective operation all over the world.

St. Luke 21:28
When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.
hey thank u paula i started preparing myself for the sunday law in India by seeing to this message here there is rumour that there is goin to be sunday law enforced by bush whithin the election and its also goin to impact on india because we indians got surrendered to USA recently by a nuclear deal iam happy that christ our savior is goin to come soon to take us away home...........................
My brothers and Sisters, i just want to tell right through from the Bible ( john 14:1-3) . And go through mattew chapters 24 and 25. Let's just pray our God to continue to let his Holy Spirit frow from the heaven to fill us with his power to get us ready for the BIG FIGHT which will aprove us as SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHRISTIANS for the heavens.
The Sunday Laws in the country where I live are alive and well. (USA). The supreme court has upheld them nationally. However SDAs are also alive and well. Things are going just fine. Hope all will be well in Croatia.
There is no question but what God is going to allow things to happen which some will understand to be wake-up calls and others will scarcely notice.

Ellen White says that before Christ returns, only those with the Holy Spirit will know the difference between truth and error. So we need to make sure that the Holy Spirit is living in us and leading us. That requires total surrender to Christ. Without the Spirit we will be misled and won't be able to know the difference between God's voice and Satan's.
We as adventists need not to worry instead we should be happy because our salvation is near. We have read the whole bible including the spirit of prophecy.and we are sure that these things must pass before the Son of God our saviour comes again. Therefore brothers in other countries lets join in prayer to pray for our brothers in croatia and above all we should be ready for it when it comes to our own countries and the world at large finally.


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