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I'm a single woman in my mid thirties (wow) and people seem to think something is wrong with me....I've heard other women and men complain about the pressure they receive from being single. It could be a real bother at times. It could be a bit daunting and depressing when people do that.

What about what Paul says in 1Cor 7:8-9.... if you can handle being single stay that way? I know that there are 'players' out there who like to fool around and then settle with the inexperienced person but what about us genuine singles out there?

Now now, I'm not above getting married either but whats wrong with my enjoying my singleness? I really enjoy being single..yeah I'm hoping to meet Mr. Right but in the meantime I like being single. Whats wrong with that?

Talk to me I want to hear your responses and maybe experiences...

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some of these issues cant be settled between marrieds and singles..... you would never know what you are missing out unless you got married and they would never know what they are missing unless they had gone on single...period

so like lot n abraham when the land could not sustain them, instead of quarelling and spending a lot of time pinpointing the wrongs of being or not being married i suggest you take abrahams advice in gen 13

8 And Abram said unto Lot, Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, and between my herdsmen and thy herdsmen; for we are brethren.

9 Is not the whole land before thee? separate thyself, I pray thee, from me. If thou wilt take the left hand, then I will go to the right. Or if thou take the right hand, then I will go to the left
I get u and thanks for responding but just tobe sure that I understand u I to stay away from married couples? my closest friends are married.... Though I have never been married I do see the benefits especially being single believe it or not.

Being single does have its disadvantages but my point is that a lot of people usually get married cause of the 'pressure' from other well eaning members and then become very unhappy.

My married friends do not pressure me at fact they wish is for me to find a good christian man but its others,,,,older members in the church...

I honestly think that if a person is single they should really be left their choice most of the be that way.
stick to your friends... like abraham just move when there is strife and it seems the people dont understand you. i pray you get a loving husband.... seek yee 1st the kingdom and all things shall be added unto you
k..tks tis what I am looking for..

I must be honest though that I kinda like being single a lot more nowadays.

But thanks non the lest
NOTHING is wrong with being single. I'm pretty sure the people you feel pressure from are not other single people. It's usually just married people trying to make everyone as "happy" as them... or at least have the same problems as them. ;-)

I have experience in this too. I was married right out of college, then divorced. I was then single for almost 10 years before I married my wife. During the time I was single, I felt the exact same pressure you are feeling. It is real, and I'm sure well meaning Adventists all over the world are doing the same thing. And trust me... it's not just Adventists. It's pretty much all of society. From the gossip magazines to the church pew. They are all pairing people off. Frustrating? Yes. It can make people feel "incomplete" who are NOT incomplete at all. And they sometimes are sick of being made to feel incomplete and start to avoid those places that make them feel this way. I know. I've been there.

Married isn't RIGHT and single WRONG. Neither is single RIGHT and married WRONG. They are just different. Different joys, different sorrows... but obviously neither one is trouble free. In our Sabbath School class there was a prayer request to "remember the singles during the holidays." This was quickly followed up by a wise woman that asked "Please! Remember the married people!" All the married people chuckled because they know... it's NOT easy! Just different. Perhaps even harder.

Our relationship with God should ALWAYS be our primary relationship. If we keep it that way, He will lead us, He will share our joys and share our sorrow. And if He leads another person into your life, GREAT! If He doesn't lead another person into your life... still great! He has a plan for you. And it won't be boring.

Adult single people are a group of people that seem to get left out of our churches. There seems to be few things planned for them. Few ways to meet their needs. If you want to be a hero to others in this same situation, YOU be the one to start ministering to the needs of single adults. You organize ways for their needs to be met. For several years I organized social events that included singles, marrieds, in church and out. They were fun and a way that could meet all peoples need for connection and to feel a part of a community. They definitely met a need. Of course... that's where I met my wife. ;-)
Wow thanks I was actually hoping to hear from persons who shared my experiences and emotions....thanks a whole heap.:)

I was actually thinking of starting a singles group for mature singles..maybe i will start a group on this site...cause as you say they do get left out...everything is for the younger single.

Thanks your comment has been an inspiration..

I wonder if there are others out there....hmmm...
wel honestly i doe tink there is nothin wrong wit bein single. watch da greatest example, JESUS. He liv his whole lif single
my friends 4 erery man or woman there is a person 4 dem. God Wil provide da rit 1 for u wen da time is rit
hear hear!
i'm single and i'm happy with it. I too would like to meet someone but in the meanwhile i'm filling my life with meaningful things. I'm happy as a single woman, we are not incomplete just cos we aint got a man!!!
U go how I feel.....

I know God saw it was not good for man to be alone ....but I not rushing to get married then to be unhappy..I must be sure that God has that for me..

I definitely starting my singles goup...tks.....
Hi to all you guys out there who are mature singles...

I have started a mature singles groups.

Come and join up it will be exciting and cool.

You can give and get ideas and meet people.

Have a good day and see you there



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