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Is this a good question? I'd love to hear from the world. If you answer, could you please explain why.


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Yes, because the doctrines are to help maintain every minister to being consistent in the "God in Christ" character. The SDA doctrines are directly from the Bible. A minister cannot go wrong with his belief in them.

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Old Question

The right answer is no. Pastors are accountable to God first, and if the Church is not holding to his standard then they are obligated to go with Him.


With whom exactly?


Hello Herbert Leon Bryan,

Of course, the pastors are accountable to God first and subsequently, believing in all of the doctrines will help them not to procrastinate and remain steadfast to God's obedience.

John I hope you mean the SDA Fundamentals and if you do I say they should indeed believe on those. As we know we have seen some decisions been made by some leaders that are questionable. These decisions was not covered directly by the Fundamentals and so falls between the cracks of our fundamental base. 

Because SDA fundamentals are equivalent to a Papal Bull. Our doctrine can circumvent the word of God. Or perhaps a pastor should stand for what is right, and follow in the way of Christ, especially when our doctrine goes afoul.



I get the feeling you are the one circumventing the word of God. Basically you can twist the Bible to say anything you want and that is what you are doing. The only thing foul here is your thinking that have the smell of burning hell fire. 

For you must to believe...not only agree...:D

Why should an Adventist minister doubt Adventist doctrine ? I cannot understand why any Adventist minister would want to teach anything opposing to Adventist doctrine.

ZJ you must lead a very sheltered life indeed. Even here on AO we have Person that claim to be adventists while they do not subscribe to many of our doctrines the same goes for pastors. Remember the Pastor who was going to be a atheist for a year one wonders how committed he really was to the SDA doctrines?

As long as they are bible based.


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