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Look at this scenario:

A friend of mine has been proposed to by a guy she has been talking to but he is in another country and they have not seen each other for a few years..They are both very attracted to each other and lonely.

She has accepted the proposal and is going to meet his mom in a few months..She is being advised not to make that step but her argument is that they have known each other for a number of years and have loved each other for as many years..

The thing is I think that both of them have undergone a number of changes in their personality over the years and those changes might not be something they can handle as a couple...they have not seen each other only talk on de telephone and internet. I know that God can work miracles but I still think that they should try to meet more often before they make that step. They have spent no time together at all during the past years..

Help me to help my firend please

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you know something? At the end of the day you can only be there for your friend. I have a friend whom i think is getting married pre-maturely. I said what i needed to say to them. I cant change this friend's mind and the wedding is going ahead. All i can do is pray that things work. Distance is hard in any relationship, and i agree with you that the fact that they havn't interacted for a long time is a major issue, but it seems as if your friend is goin ahead with this anyway. Just pray that things work or that God will open her eyes.
The thing is they (our friends) seem to forget that we love them and think that we don't want them to be happy or anything.

Its so hard to see them so excited about a decision that they have not thought through and could ruin their lives and hurt them.

But thanks for the advice....I will definitely prayer a little more and for your friend as well. :)
I will just post a question which has been posted alread: Does long distance relationship work?

Question 2: How many times did Enoch meet with His Creator with whom he walked with for more than 300 years?
Dear Cherylann,
Looking at your point of view, I totally agree with you, it make sence.
Remember, you can only advise your friend(s), give them reason to think about.
It is up to them to accept or reject your advise and at the end of the day it will be his/her responsiblillity for the choosen choice and the path which one choose to go.
If you ask me, this has nothing to do with love, but most likely what is called attraction.

At the look of things, those people are doing a mistake. Like you noted above "they are attracted to each other and lonely", they are desperate they are not in love, they are infatuated, distance between them and with all the temptations here and there why risk?

I wish she would listen to the advice from the Elders. All I'm seeing is no light at the end of the tunnel, they have been given advice and they have shunned it, I'm sorry to say so, but she might regret in the future.

I wish she would think and wait for the Lord and not force a relationship through feelings.
Ok lets look at this from another area.

They have both had failed relationships, relationships that they got involved in after taking into consideration the long distance and years apart but they realise that they still hae strong feelings for each other and are both mauture adults..I don't mean mature in age but in thinking.

I personally believe to be honest that if they both love each it can work. They are both tired of being alone and I really don't thing that they are making a mistake. They have been talking on a daily basis...almost more than the average couple. I have never seen her happier than she is now.

Her mind is comfortable and she is really happy........please pray for her


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