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i think that too many of our young ppl are getting involved in these relationships and the lord is not pleased ... i want to know what is your opinion on this and how we can help our young persons trust God to find the right match for them here in his fold....

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hey Poor bear This is a really great Topic. I agree that it is wrong and that today tooo many young SDAs are involved with unbelievers. What is it that attracts our fellow believers to unbelievers? Can it be that they r not firmly grounded in the faith so that they easily become ensnared? The Lord says that light cannot have fellowship with darkness.....We need to be more alert , I am young and single. i think that most young persons today are jumping headlong today into rrelationships. These things need careful consideration especially as Seventh Day Adventists.

I have friends who are in unequally yoked relationships and I can tell you guys that it's devastating. It only draws one away from God.

For the second part of your question.... what can we do? well first and foremost we can pray for our frens and those in the world who are in these situations.

Secondly we can have discussions and debates for our A.Y sessions that willl serve to inform our youth about the negatives of this problem.

Let's all join together to help our fellow brethren.


God bless
Sweet ANgel
Hi Sweet Angel, you are so right about having this discussion in our church in order to reach out to our young people before they make the mistake of being unequally yoked.

I did not know how serious it is until I became unequally yoked with someone from another church. There are alot of challenges.
I agree with you and that is why we have some much broken marriages with no hope of restoration. If we say we love God then we should be obedient to His word.

But you would be surprise to know that we have elders as well as others in the church who encourages these things? telling you that your are getting up in age and that you should go out there and find a husband and take him back to church.

They even encourage you to step out of the will of God, get pregnant have a child and return because no man is in the church. This is not something i hear about, it has happened to me and one of them was my sunday school teacher who taught me when i was 11yrs. old and she told me once that of all the things she taught me never forget Psalms 119: 11 "thy word have i hid in my heart that i might not sin against thee."

Often times they make you feel hurt and discourage and it's as if " yu nah happen"
But thank God for good, caring mothers and mothers of zion who will help you to keep your grounds and maintain your sanity.

Please let us encourage each other as often as we can to stay in line with the word of God. In His own time He will bless us.
it is very broad topic. but i think you are referring to looking for partner in life. will let study first the word unequally. it implies that you can yoked but not equally. you should put limitations when it comes to relationship towards the unbelievers but who can question the power of the holy spirit. you can use this avenues also to proclaim the gospel to this individual. again there is a warning that you should be careful co'z you might be the one influence by this unbeliever.
it all starts with your love for God and if you love God enough you will obey Him. We as young

people need to encourage others going this route about the concequences of their actions and

help them up and not break them down. The parents have a major role to play as well to mold their

children in the way they should grow and also lead by example. We are a family and we need to

look out for eachother no matter what and do our best to help others and leave the rest to our

Heavenly Father. God bless and just keep on praying.
honestly i had a talk with some young people and the problem is that they want to compromise Gods laws and rules with self satisfaction or what i want. One has to realise that its beyond my fellings and therefore if i have a person relationship with God i will remain faithful and not go out to the camp of the enemy
I'm gonna share personal experience I had in my church. I had been with to girls in my church and I would consider them to be the best standing women in my church. NOT ME AGAIN. Who had a filthy tongue, who ran away, who abused there parents..I can go on and on. In my view the women outside the church are better in most aspects, even so they are willing to join the church and they are more spiritual I'm my case...I'm not sure but the rest of Being unequally yoked can be misinterpreted but that was my view. Another you gotta look for the right one. The girls that I have been was a learning experience. I'm currently not in a bonded relation because of I was focusing on graduating and exams. You gotta look for the right one. I'm sure the men can agree with me that in the church it is rare, rare, rare to find a good woman that is single. I hope and pray that the Lord will rise up some good women in the church that ambitious young men like myself can cleave unto and separate from thy parents.
There is no excuse for a Seventh-day Adventist young man to marry outside the church. The ratio of females to males is 2 to 1... That makes it hard on the females, of course. I guess that they'll have to just work harder.! 'nuff sed
Hey Mathew, I like the way u give reference from the bible to prove. Thanks a lot.
I think the Love of God does not change. He is pleased with them because He knows of the temptations. But He knows that being unequally yoked will cause them to have a more difficult time. But nothing is impossible with God.


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