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**** The Contest Is Over. Winners announcement to follow... soon! ****

We want more people to join our Adventist Online family. And the best way to do that is to have all of you invite your friends. So to "encourage" you to invite all your friends, we are going to give away $100 to the people who gets the most friends to sign up. We will give $50 to the person who wins the contest, $25 to second, $15 to third, and $10 to fourth place. Sounds good?

There are some rules:

1. The people that you invite must sign up for Adventist Online AND add a profile picture to be counted. No profile picture... they don't count.

2. You don't have to do ANYTHING to sign up for the contest, just start inviting people... and encouraging those that join to add a profile picture.

3. For all you existing members who have already invited people... the people you have already invited count too! (As long as they have signed up and added a profile picture.)

4. If multiple people invite the same person at the same time, both people will get credit for that person signing up.

5. The contest will end at midnight PST April 30, 2008.

6. Prize payments will be made with PayPal. This covers most countries (see

If you have any questions, please ask!

God bless you as you help spread His love to others,
Adventist Online

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Sound good but how are you going to determine who invited who and if there are multiple members who invited a person? Are we going to see a list at the end of the contest with all the new members and who invited them?

At the end, we will reveal the winners and the number of people they invited.
Good luck!
Hi there...
This is a good idea.

Already I'm checking my mailing list to see who I forgot.
LOL! That's good. You are already one of the leaders. Keep it up!
Hundreds of new invitations have been sent! Thank you!

Keep it up... and let new members know about this contest so they can possibly win too.

God bless!
Wow. Looks like the contest went really well. Has the winner been determined already? When is the next contest?
I'm sorry for the delay... We were overwhelmed with invitations! Thank you!

So we are still counting the invitations to determine the winner... we didn't have an automated counting system... :-(

But the end is in sight. I think I will be making the announcement tomorrow.
God bless!
Just login again today. Is there any news on this? It's good to see and congratulate the person who had the most invites.

Happy Sabbath!
I am sorry Carl (and everyone else!)... but I don't have the final results yet. We were completely overwhelmed by the number of invitations (over 10,000!) so it has taken us longer to tabulate the final results than expected.

I promise to have you the results by Sunday evening, OK? I'll work on it all day if needed.

Shamefaced... ;-)
don't be shame faced.....

This competition got a lot more people to join and I've met a lot of new members of my faith...that is reward enough for me...even though I think I know that I'm the winner (tongue in cheek) lol.

Seriously though who ever the winner is congrats...and congrats to you to AOL for this great site.


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