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The word 'pre-exist' presumes that something or someone existed before. Christ was around from the beginning of time and will always be around. Does this word 'pre-exist' apply to Christ? (this weeks lesson study)

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thats a lovely question ... given that christ is not limited by time becoz time has its origins in him... we can safely say he pre-existed from everything we kno to have come into existence
Yes it does and this question fits with this week's lesson. Christ existed before there was anything and that includes time, so really He was there before time and will be forever more. If we sit and think of it and try to understand it to it fullest, we may go crazy, but we accept it by faith in Him.
Yes Christ's preexistence is very much a reality. John 1 states that Christ was from the beginning "In the beginning was the word .........". He is not with us today in person but he is incarnation in his Word. He is also a part of the Trinity.
Yes , christ's pre-existence was foretold by the prophet Isiah 53 thats when he announced his entrance as a human being.It is so important for us to remember Genesis 1:26 . AND GOD SAID LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR OWN IMAGE............certainly he wasn't speaking to the angels.He was speakin to his son who was later called JESUS ... GOD WITH US.
I think when we carnally prove this issue we will miss the point ,remember Christ is God when we start applying status of the creator to his creation ,we become like historians who often just describe Christ as a good man ,a brilliant teacher or a great philosopher,Christ was ,is and will be this status applies to nobody only to the trinity not even angels.
The term may be understood in our human perspective as the chronological relationship that we have with Christ. When John 1:1 said "in the beginning was the word (and not Christ was)" it is assumed that Christ, as being born through the Spirit by his mother has a starting point like us: his birth; however, as the word of God, He was before everything. thus, the word pre-exists, may imply that before his human birth into this world, HE IS. Christ exists from the "day of eternity" (Micha 5:1), to mean we can't quantify,humanly speaking, when he started His existence, but the only thing that is sure is that He is, compare to us, eternal, thus He pre-exists.
Yes, indeed it applies to Christ since Christ is God. If we look at the account in St.John which tells us in the beginning was the word, and the word was God and he came and dwell among us, another prove is when Jesus answered 'before Abraham I am' these are showing us clearly that the term pre- exist is associated with Christ also.


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