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should women wear trousers...what is your perception... biblical views most welcome

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i am loving every single bit of the discussions ... i guess they help us grow from what we,ve been taught as kids n to make more mature xtian decisions.

god bless u all , i guess i,ve benefited a lot
There is another aspect to this question... modesty. Do the trousers highlight your "assets" and draw mens' eyes to look in lust?

In other cultures where women traditionally wear "trousers" they are not tight-fitting and other outer clothes are worn over at least part of them.

Particularly in a church setting (but also in the world) it's not exactly modest to be emphasising the curves of your body.

So, if you're wearing your womens' trousers like a man doesn't that cross the divide?
Good question. I know that some of our sisters in some countries wearing only dress or skirts on Sabbath which rarely is practiced in China. Now I want to ask anyone what the Bible says about it. I guess you may not find a word about it in the Bible or E.G.White's writing. Still I want to say follow your heart, the Holy Spirit will tell you in a little voice and do respect the culture you're surounding. As a christian, we should also respectful to our culture and country's law once it's not against God's. I feel unease when people useing their culture and ethic's standard to misthink others should be the same as they do which is so wrong as God created various people with different color of the skin, even the twins are not the exactly the same. The main thing is our heart inside not outside. what do you say?
I do not see a problem with women wearing pants. Having said that though, I must add that pants have their place and also it depends on the type of pants. Many ladies wear very REVEALING pants to work and that should not be, and also, I do not support women wearing pants to church. Otherwise I am fine with it.... but not too short though, exposing too much.
...well it is a new time and i love my pants and their the only things i wear so yeah
As for me I personaly feel no, and according to the word of God it's says what kind of dress we shoul wear.
But today we just do what we like. All that I can say is search the Word of God and let the Holy Spirit Lead you.
No, I will tell them to read the word of God and follow what the Lord wants best for you.
If you are a child of God, let us follow all that says. It is how we reflect Christ in our day to day life, that is
how we Dress Reflects what kind of person you are. So let the Holy Spirit lead you.
So in other words you are saying that we can dress and behave how we feel like, since the Bible doesn't specify on these topics?
Strength and honor are her clothing (It does not offend )Proverbs : 31:25
Her clothing is fine linen and purple (good quality )
adorn themselves in modest apparel ( simple, not vain) 1 Timothy 2:9,10
With propriety ( appropriate to the purpose) 1 Timothy 2:9
Let your modesty be known to all men - Philippians 4:5

Trousers can be modest, some dresses aren't modest. With clothing, modesty is the issue, not the style.
I totally agree with that. Thank you for adding the texts.
nice one Kim!
It always comes back to modesty (as 1Tim.2 says)...

An interesting article can be found on the Ellen G. White web site ( It doesn't deal specifically with trousers but is in a similar vein - and it is worth noting that the Reform Dress had a type of "trousers" under the dress/skirt.


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