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There is this movement within the church now about witnessing to Muslims and with this idea that we worship the same God. The thought is based on the fact that the Qur'an has a link to the God of Abraham, Moses, Joseph and also talked about Jesus even though it deny the sonship.
The Bible says in 1John 22, 23 "Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also. How then can we reconcile this fact with the idea that we worship the same God with the Muslims?

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Dear Yusuf Imam,

You do have a name that is Middle Eastern related, what is the origin of your name?

Now If Allah is God, I've had many times debated here with some personal Muslim friends of mine.
Though I'm adventist, I'm a listener of many other people's beliefs in what they believe in and

Muslims as Christians, we do have Abraham of the main father. The difference is between the Isaac
tribe (which begat the Christians) and the Ishmael tribe (which begat the Muslims). Honestly I don't
really know what Allah means, but to say that Allah is God, you will be refering to the fact that God
never had a Son (Jesus Christ). Muslims do not believe that God had a Son.

And their theory often changes when I speak to a Muslim friend of mine here on the job. She says that Jesus Christ was not the one crucified on the cross, that He was picked up by God and another was crucified in His place who had the likeness of Him. Of course this makes no sense because it was not part of the salvation plan.

Now she claims that everyone from Adam straight down to the all the people in the bible were Muslim. I told her clarify it and it did not add up or make any sense where I could have said I agreed with her.

However, I never judge anyone on what they believe in. Everyone has a different theory about everything religiously; even in the SDA church. Why do you think we have so many seperation? Because not everyone agrees with certain theories and they go and form a diverse denomination yet under the same name.

This is why now you have this SDA church forming that wants to recruit Muslims per say? Well I do't have problem with Muslims, and I never read the Qu'ran but it's hard to agree with what they say. If you don't believe that Jesus Christ the Son of God died on the cross for you, then you don't believe there is salvation after this and you would have to resort back to the original sacrifice system that the Jews used before the Ressurection of Jesus Christ.

Hope this helps.

God bless the church for witnessing to Muslims. The Adventist Church is only taking a gradual step in reaching out to God's people out there in the Islamic world in a way that they will open up their heart to the Gospel of Christ and not be prejudiced to our evangelism. If there is anything lacking in this approach the Holy Spirit will complete it: "He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it in you". "And this gospel will be preached to all nations and then the end will come"...yes also to all muslim nations. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus." Revive in us your people the zeal of 1844.
Yes, I too am all in favor of witnessing to the Muslims. That is as God would have us do, no doubt about it.

The problem is when Adventists are taught that the source of the Qu'ran and the Bible is the same Creator God. If they are inspired by the same God, we have a serious problem because it would mean God is speaking with a "forked tongue." The Bible clearly says Jesus Christ was the Son of God [and God Himself] and that He died on the cross. By contrast, the Qu'ran says that Jesus was only a messenger of God, a mere human, was not the Son of God, and it also says that Jesus did NOT die. (There are many more contradictions than this, of course.)

Does anyone seriously want to tell me that the true, living God inspired both statements and both views?

I submit that one is from the father of lies. They cannot possibly both be true.
I agree with you, levisandlace. I see only good things in your post.
I am curious about "this movement" within the church that Yusuf mentions. I know there are some with this idea, but a "movement"?

Really, the question that you are asking has two answers:

From our point of view the answer must be "no". When we look at the character of "Allah" it does not correspond with our Jehovah.

From the point of view of the Muslim (and the Qur'an) the answer must be "yes". "Allah" is the God of Abraham who sent the Torah, the Gospels and finally, the Qur'an.

This is a fundamentally important point for anyone who is going to witness to Muslims, you don't have to convince them about God, they accept Him already. The Qur'an tells the Muslim that if he has doubts he should go to "the People of the Book" and ask them. We, SDAs, are the People of the Book. The Qur'an tells Muslims to keep the 10 Commandments but does not say what these commandments are. So where are Muslims going to go to find out what the 10 Commandments are? All our doctrines are there, even the Sanctuary doctrine is inferred, so the Qur'an can be used to lead a Muslim to the Bible where s/he will find the truth. Death, sin, the resurrection, Christ being the Messiah, His being taken up to heaven by God, His mediation, His return, the seventh-day Sabbath and so on... all are there in the Qur'an pointing to the Jesus of the Bible.

If you are witnessing to a Muslim and he tells you he believes in the same God as you,.. rejoice, he has given you an opening. If you tell him that you follow the same God that Abraham followed you are telling the truth. Now show him the God of love who was prepared to sacrifice Himself so that we might not be lost. Let God work a miracle through you.
What you say is all true. I don't disagree with any of it. The only thing I would say is that we should have no illusions that the Qu'ran is inspired by Yahweh or Jehovah God. We Adventists should not go up to Muslim and tell them that their book is from Lucifer. Of course not. But neither should we lie to them and tell them that we agree with them that it is from the same God who inspired the Bible.

Do you believe it is possible that the God who inspired the Bible inspired Muhammad to write that Jesus did not die and was not resurrected? What spirit inspired such a message?
Paul in Athens when he preached the gospel found an altar to an unknown God and he claimed that that altar to the unknown God was the true God of heaven (Acts 17: 16-24...)
For those who makes their comment without being on the frontline to take the message, I believe your perceptions will change about alot of things.
Taking the message to Muslims is not a 'classroom debate' because 'theories' are not reality. In order for the message to work, a common ground must be found. Paul did this in Athens and I applaud the Adventist Church in taking this approach to reach the Muslim faith.

We do not worship the same God.. Muslims to my knowledge believe Jesus to be only a prophet, nothing more. They place the teachings of Mohamed above the Bible. If you want more info (I have read it all, its very, very interesting) check this site out. Oh, btw, the koran is not exactly the book with the best principles. I've read parts of it, and see a lot of hatred and wrath encouraged in that book. Check this link out, you'll see.
You'll see 2 articles there to pick from.

Does this mean we shouldn't try to witness to them? Of course not, we def should encourage them to learn about and follow God, the only God there is, whom I do not believe to be the same as "Allah". There is one God, and one Word of God, and thats the Bible we know.

Muslims do share a lot of beliefs we do, for example. They believe in helping the poor, they do not eat pork, and some others. I recommend getting the book Studying Together by Mark Finley to get a better idea. Its $8. In the end, I do think its a great idea to reach out to them. I know much good will come out of it for a lot of people.
I disagree. I think we do worship the same God. No matter who is thinking about God there will be differences in who He is, yet there is still only one Creator of the universe, only one Supreme Being. Muslims and anyone else thinking about God will find that they are all thinking of the same Being, yet with totally different ideas of who He is.

On Sept. 5 Jim wrote, "What if you had two books talking about someone named 'Larry'? Would that mean that both are necessarily referring to the same person named "Larry"? Of course not. The only way to tell if it's the same person would be to compare what both books say about 'Larry.'"

"Larry" could easily be the same person being described but from two totally different view points, kind of like Luke and John describe Jesus. Even if they seem to contradict doesn't mean that they are not talking about the same person.

Our misunderstanding doesn't change who God really is. What is needed then is for all to come to know of who He REALLY is. As Christians we know from the Bible what the Father is like and can see Him in Jesus, but how do we know that the Bible is telling it like it is?

Prophecy proves that the Bible is telling the truth. Prophecy also proves Jesus to be the Son of God. (Does the Qur'an use prophecy in the same way. The Dead Sea Scrolls prove that our Bible prophecies were not written "after the fact" so that they appear to have come true. I know of nothing like it for the Qur'an.)

On Sept. 9 Alvin wrote, "The issue at stake is how to reach every individual muslim without creating prejudice in the heart..."

I believe that the answer is that you cannot deny Christ and still know the Father, so you will have to talk about who God (Allah) is and about His plan for the redemption of His children, bringing Jesus into the picture as you do.

I do not believe that we can speak bad of the Qur'an even if we know it to be full of false teachings. The Devil right now has to hide the truth in plain sight of everyone and the best way to do that is to create something that looks like the original, yet is not. (See for a deeper discussion on this.)

A banker in the USA is not taught about every counterfit dollar bill but is taught what the real thing looks like. I think we need to do that same kind of thing when dealing with anyone who wants to know the truth. Show them the REAL THING in Jesus, but do it in a way that sparks their interest. Start where they already are.

Those of you who know the Qur'an have a great advantage over people who do not. Let God use you to reach your brothers.
Surah IX: 123 – “O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in your hardness; and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil).”

Does this seem like something the God we worship would say? The purpose of this is not to argue, but I see no way of us possibly worshiping the same God. I am thankful a lot of Muslims are peaceful, but with a source like this.. it can get scary. No offense to anyone, please don't think its my purpose. The 2nd article on the link I posted (not a long article) explains it with better detail than I have given.

In the end, this is what I know.

Isaiah 8:20
To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
Like I alluded to above, the Devil adds things about what God is suppose to be like and makes it available to lots of people trying to get them to believe what he wants them to believe.

But just because the Qua'ran says something about God doesn't mean that it is true. I admit that there are, and will be, people who will believe it. Does that change who God really is? No. Does the fact that there are two different discriptions of God mean that there are two different beings? I do not believe that, sorry.

I think that they worship the Unknown God that Paul talks about. They have been told something about God that is not true, so they do not know Him, but He's still the same God.
I was trying to edit the above comment but it must have timed out. I lost what I wrote. I wanted to add this:

Isaiah 8:20
To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

This means that there is "no light", there is nothing new in what the Qur'an has to say about God. It also means that there is untruth about God written there.


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