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what do you people think? Does Physical Purity before Marriage still matters to us today as SDA? or is it a thing of a past and obsolete and should be forgoten.....

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(Admittedly, I'm not about to answer, but I just want to comment that I'm delighted with the stance adopted by respondents to this question. You will understand what I mean when you consider how many in Christian circles, yea, in the clergy, are now openly deviating from the Bible on matters of human sexuality. Let's continue to stand on the Word.)
the church does not talk much about pre-marital sex but i think that god words stand forever an dthat people should keep his words though matter what
I've been following this discussion with interest and have a question: what should you do if you've gone too far in the past i.e. you've committed this sin. Should you marry the partner or are there major chances the marriage would not survive? Should you marry if the woman has a child, regardless of other factors? Obviously you should seek forgiveness from God, but can you ever be in a position to marry at all or does such behaviour disqualify you for life? I'd value your opinions.
Hi Hermoine! thanks for your thoughts..

here's my little thoughts abopout your question:

If we Sin and whole "heartedly ask forgiveness to Him, without a doubt He'll "forgive and forget" . He is the only one who knows our darkest past and secrets, he knows that after we're forgiven we go about and sin again, but He doesn't disqualify us to live a good and happy life, because if so.. all of Us now are leaving an impossible and misserable lives for we all are sinners..we believe and trust Him but we keep on sinning cause we are still in this world..but the "good news" is "He Doesn't stop forgiving" Either!!! Human comdems there fellow human being so we should go to the one who has the utmost understanding and compassion to human beings and thats God.

We should not deprive ouselves to be happy because of our past failures...cuase if so, we will live misserably cause every day we tend to FAIL.......we should live as free and as happy as possible cause we are guaranteed of forgiveness......
I think that phisical purity is very imoprtant! As a teenager, I face many temptations and especially peer presure. When I was in the 7th grade my best friend was already having sex as well as another close friend of mine. They'd put me on 3 way and try to convince me of how cool and great it was, but in my heart I always believed that God had a reason for me to wait. How cool could it be to sneek around hoping not get caught and the fear of other consequences?=[
when I told my friends that I wanted my first time to be with my husband, and vise versa, they said silly things like nobodys gonna know what to do. I told them that thats the beauty of it discovering my SPOUSE! then they told me... your never gonna find a guy for yourself who hasn't already had his fist time!

Well all I can say is that now sometimes my friend needs to depend on others because now she has a baby!

It is very important to stand for what is right no matter what.... and God has blessings for doing his will, and I'd like to recieve it. =]
Thanks Latoya!

its sure remarkable to hear from a teenager thoughts in this kind of topic...
keep on going in the way of God!...
Whoah.. wat a nice topic!! hahahaha I have nothing to say! I love my future husband and definitely, I want to give my best GIFT I could give..hehehehe
Good Decision! my friend Ivy! hehehe..
thanks for your thoughts...
I am a person who was stupid enough to go against God's ideals of saving sex until marriage and I went to bed with my boyfriend, and we had sex on a weekly basis.

I now have Chlamydia as well as a few other sexually transmitted diseases, because he once slept with a prostitute and didn't tell me until much later. Some of these STD's I can't get rid of and have to be on medication for the rest of my life. One of them infected my uterus and now I can't have children.

Why anyone who knows God would be willing to go against what he says when the world today is so full of disease is beyond me. I was stupid, and I will regret that stupidity for the rest of my life.
Hi Natalie,

thank you so much for sharing Us Your story. We appreciate it very much. God is the Master Healer, he can Heal bruise, pain and broken spirit caused by our past failures...if not in our time in this world, I'm certain in that day when we'll be with Him in heaven forever.

Your Brother in Christ,
I think premarital sex is wrong under every circumstance. I think it's wrong even if people are engaged. Marriage is sacred, and there is no such a thing as being married in the eyes of God when we aren't married in real life. Whateveris bound on earth is bound in heaven and whatever is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven.
thank You for that wonderfull thoughts Christine!..
God bless you alot always...


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