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what do you people think? Does Physical Purity before Marriage still matters to us today as SDA? or is it a thing of a past and obsolete and should be forgoten.....

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hI there buddy!

I can't add more..You just said everything hehehe...very well Said! am proud of my Bestest buddy....thanks and God bless You alot always...

Your Best Buddy in Christ,
Let's understand that God is still the same and his principles are still the same. Whether premarital sex or post marital sex, they are all wrong! God does not change like the fashions of men.
I certainly most agree brother!! ..thanks for sharing Us your thoughts...
God bless You alot....
pre marital sex is an unholy act as adv that are conversant with Gods word we know that such thing defiles the body it is just pleasure that brings about regret and guilt.why open the egg that is ment only 4 married ur self from guilt and serve the lord with all your heart.from d testimonies i get from people around me there is always a last statement of regret 'i wish i am not into it if u hav never tried it dont start it' why do it when u and i no it defiles the body and sends us far away from God?
I can't agree more! very well said chidozie...
thanks for sharing your thoughts..God bless...
yes. . .we should stay pure until we get married.... coz' it's the most important thing that we take care for the girls.... i may not be one of those...but for those....stay the purity in your self as what GOD wanted us to be. . . owez tcare.... may GOD BLESS US OLWEZ
thanks Sis!
God bless You always..
I say Once in the church we live like Chirst and keep his commandments and that means pre-marital sex out. we should keep this purity and much as possible. on the other hand, we should look at people who have been in church and had premarital sex, its sin but Christ forgives sinners whn they repent and gives us another chance for Physical Purity
God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow,therefore, His ways do not change. If itis wrong today, it will not be right tomorrow therefore, Physical Purity before marriage should be preserved just as we are asked to do so. Be blessed
Not adviced.
It hurts ; Physically, mentally, socially, psychologically and More so SPIRITUALLY
it disconnect one from divinity......
You become empty...........
It creats hopelessness..................
pray more to avoid it.
They say, the wise ones, learns through mistake,the more wiser learn from mistakes of others...................
Thanks for those words Bro. Paul!..
those are beautifull..God bless You...
Hello all! I would like to begin by thanking you Dave for initiating this discussion concerning SEX. After reading a few of the comments that have been given, I also would like to chip in to the discussion. SEX, in many a societiy, is considered as a very deep and serious issue and in some cases it is even taboo to discuss it. However, we must first of all strive to understand where it all started from. This is not my view but the view of the Bible. Some of us will say that the Bible does not say anything about sex directly, but then again we can see from the don't what it tells us not to do and one of them is that we should not indulge in licentiousness of any form.

In the beginning God created Adam and Eve. God then blessed them and asked them to multiply and fill the earth. SEX though an instrument of pro-creation, is also a means through which a man and a woman get to know each other. Ever wondered why the Bible doesn't say "and the man had sex with his wife" but rather, "the man 'knew' his wife." Every place that a man engaged in a wrongful act of sex, the Bible mentions it and later on goes to show us the effect it had on future generations. So clearly, the first couple to engage in a sexual relationship were already married, and more so by God himself. So the question of having pre-marital sex is of no consequence.

However I would like to quote a certain pastor who said the following words, "IF LOVE IS THE AIM, FREEDOM IS THE CHOICE, RISK IS THE PRICE." Basically what it means is that God loves us enough to give us the freedom of choice. When Adam were in the garden, they were given a choice to eat or not to eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So God actually risked when he gave them this freedom to choose. In a similar way, we have the choice of practising sex within the confines of marriage or outside it. Whatever the choice we make either hurts God or makes him say, "I KNOW HIM." Remember Job, him whom God said have u seen him that there is none like him who is true and faithful.

The fact of the matter is that we live in a society that is ungodly, and as Christians (of Christ's nature or belonging to Christ's fold) we forget our calling to be a peculiar people and often begin arguments that are often not leading Godwards, but rather to the deepest darkest dungeons. We should not worry about how near we can go until it is considered evil or unrighteous but how far away we can run for us to remain righteous. Ellen White said this of the Israelite nation "For a race of slaves the Israelites had been exalted above all peoples to be the peculiar treasure of the King of kings. God separated them from the world, that He might commit to them the sacred trust. He made them the depositaries of His law, and He purposed, through them, to preserve among men the knowledge of Himself."

The question to all of us is, as the Isreal of God today, are we depositaries of His laws, acting as mirrors of Christ's nature, or are we so much into the world that there is no difference and peculiarness in our character as God wants in us. Remember that sex is part of the institution of Marriage and marriage is one of only two sacred institutions that were carried out of the garden of Eden.

I wish you all God's blessings.


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