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what do you people think? Does Physical Purity before Marriage still matters to us today as SDA? or is it a thing of a past and obsolete and should be forgoten.....

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very well said Brother Newton!...
Thank You for that really Beautifull insights..
God bless You always brotther...
I believe it's of great importance that one stays away from sex until after marriage.Pre-marital sex paves way for the evil one and as such,to remain faithful and pure in the Lord,we have to stay away from sex before marriage and hence outside marriage.
Pre-marital sex is a grave process before marriage. Christian should not defil his or her body before marriage. Our body is the temple of God, if we defil it holy spirit wil run away from you. Let us resist the devil and he wil fled from you. Even virginity stil stand for it stand for purity. To keep ourselves pure is very important.
As long the word of God is still intact, it matters most now in this darkest world than ever before. Not only to us as Seventh Day Adventists, but to everybody who sincerely accept Jesus Christ as thier personal savior.Those who belong to the true living God will be guided by his internal word from the good book. If the good book said from the begginning its was wrong, its still wrong. His word will endure for ever. Even if people don't like it , that it doesn't affect his word and the truth.
Thank You all guys for those beautifull insights about the issue.
i'm sure that many will be blessed with such thoughts. lets keep on supporting each other till He comes, our simple words will mean so much for others, and I'm centain that it will be rewarded by God.
Hello friend do visit this link

Ellen G. White Estate
Fundamentals of Christian Education (1923), page 62, paragraph 2
Chapter Title: A Visit to College City

The rules of this college strictly guard the association of young men and young women during the school term. It is only when these rules are temporarily suspended, as is sometimes the case, that gentlemen are permitted to accompany ladies to and from public gatherings. Our own College at Battle Creek has similar regulations, though not so stringent. Such rules are indispensable to guard the youth from the danger of premature courtship and unwise marriage. Young people are sent to school by their parents to obtain an education, not to flirt with the opposite sex. The good of society, as well as the highest interest of the students, demands that they shall not attempt to select a life partner while their own character is yet undeveloped, their judgment immature, and while they are at the same time deprived of parental care and guidance.
Good points had been said about God's standard, standard which is unchangable..the answer of your question lies on how strong and firm you are to hold unto God's..., against the enticing world..
this an important quiz sister,

my opinion is that Premarital sex is wrong from the Holy bible and lets not look at it from the sda's.A note is that we are human beings and we tend to conform to the world something Apostle Paul cautions us.
We do it because we have learnt from the experience of others while we were/are in school about the sweetness in the Game.All the same Paul writes in Galatians 5;13-26 about the christian life and how we should walk

Verse 16 thro17 says that 'Live by the spirit and you will certainly not gratify the desires of the flesh'

Lets avoid premarital Sex completely friends as much as the flesh finds good things in it.

God bless you brothers and sisters.
It always matter to God! As His children, it always matters for us! There can be no stopping point when we can say it is ok now for us SDA. Even if the whole world put morality on this, we SDA wouldnt do that! That's for pre-marital sex. But for purity before marriage, no one can judge those who don't pass the test of virginity. Even God summoned Hosea to marry Gomer, a prostitue!
I feel we all know whether it is right or wrong, There is no point in discussing it and trying to get some opinion and and projecting any further.

Right is right and no one can change it, same way it is other way round. Just because it is practiced/advocated/tolerated by few or many it does not mean fact will change. Let us not drag it and put a FULL STOP here.
Great to see we are all so passionate about this topic. Indeed, for me, it is like asking if the commandments are still valid. For it says, do not commit fornication (sex before marriage) and adultery (sex oustide marriage). At all times, we need to make God's word the key focus for no matter how hard we try to justify or explain our foolish ways, His word is supreme and we cannot compromise.
Pre- marital sex?------ a sugar coated candy of the word FORNICATION. It's fornication, no more no less.

Today, we change some of the grievous sins that the Lord God hates such as adultery and fornication. We made it appear that it's not a big deal today. Pre- marital sex for fornication and extra- marital sex for adultery.

People are making themselves less guilty and morally acceptable by changing the word to make it less sinful. But it is still fornication- for pre- marital sex and adultery for extra- marital sex. For weeded couple, be content of what you have and for unmarried individuals, seek God's guidance for the right person to marry not just be impulse but by the love of God. Never engage in pre- marital sex. We will reap the consequences of your action sooner of later in life.


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