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what do you people think? Does Physical Purity before Marriage still matters to us today as SDA? or is it a thing of a past and obsolete and should be forgoten.....

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For me, it matters.. it's not about social norms or the people accepted it and so shall i... sex is sacred.. we shall not indulged ourselves in fornication and adultery... different individuals may have their own view on this but i do believe that we have to keep ourselves pure despite all temptations and pressure...
I agree we're in the same track.....
Well the truth is we speak about it less and less in church now; in fact some elders would even ignore it for the same of being liked by the membership. However, God's way is undoubtedly the best way and we have a responsibility now to do each out part in promoting the case of abstinence. What we need to remember is that our body is not ours but rather the Lord's temple.
I love the way Ashley ended his comment, it is something we need to maditate upon every now and then.
Well... our God is an eternal God, He does not change, mountains shall fall apart, seasons will come and go, but His word shall never pass away. The issue of pre-marital does not even depend on our opinion, God's word is the ultimate, it is a fact that the world that sorounds us at times forces us see things from a differnt perspective, but His word remains... I understand we got to learn to live like fish in the salty waters, but not salty itself, and of course, it is only possible through HIM WHO STRENGTHENS US... we can do all things.
Yes it is for a lot of us Christians.... this is something you can give, as a gift, for your wife (or spouse, for your future family, for you - as a practice of self control -, this will help you stay with only one woman (or spouse), this will help not to look for more adventures (opposite as if you have pre-marital sex...), if you knew different womans before marriage... you might be looking for more after....
FOR US CHRISTIANS ,I THINK THAT PRE-MARITAL SEX STILL MATTERS.For me as a student coming from an adventist school before, we do not discuss about pre-marital sex but as i have OBSERVE ,STUDENTS christians or non christians now adays are becoming more and more impulsive and they try to practice it because they want to try it in their own way, teenagers as we know are use to watch bad movies like bold movies which is the technic of satan to get the mind of these young fellows. But i do believe that we should remain just as we are right now.
Premarital Sex is WRONG point blank. The bible does not change and God has instucted us not to commit fornication...

I agree with Ashley that it is hardly mentioned in church anymore... and that is a shame..I like to say that I am a mature SDA member....

Look our bodies are God's temple having premarital sex damages that temple. God has given us the gift of sex to the marriage as a closer form of imtamacy to bring that couple closer together. When that gift has been given to away it is a real sad occasion.

Ladies remaining pure until the wedding night is wonderful experience from what I have heard. When we give ourselves away men and women we are giving away a part of God's holy temple.

Whether it may seem that we are in modern times or not God does not deal with modern he deals with faithful stewardship. he created us and he knows best the way our bodies are to be used and treated that is why he gave specific instructions.

For those of us who have not abstained before we can do so now. When we have premarital sex it is harder to go to God because we know what we have done. For us ladies its a feeling of worhtlessness because after the deed the guy and you break up and you are left feeling used. I believe it is the same for the men two but I stand to be corrected int his instance.

So as I said earlier it is WRONG fah real.. I tell my 14 yr old that sex will always be here as long as the world lasts. It was here when before I was born, its still here and it will be here after I'm gone so..whats the hurry let us purpoe in our hearts to stay pure for God. That's why I started the Daughters of heaven Group to help young christian ladies to see themselves as exactly as the name states..Daughters of Heaven.....

I hope that the above is clear to you...sometimes I ramble so bear with
Wow, Cherly, u made the statement so clear and understanddable. thanks alot
Our God is the same , He never changes so if something was wrong yesterday it will still be wrong today and tomorrow.
thanks guys for those practical and corrective points in your comments.......
Definitely! Sexual purity before marriage still matters especially in our times. And leaders , parents in our churches should discuss this in the church. To guide especially the youth.
Even though the bible addresses the subject of sex openly, it is silent about why we should reserve sexual intercourse for marriage. Religious literature will give you a long list of reasons why we shouldn't engage in pre-marital sex, while other literature and people will emphazise the benefits of having sex outside of marriage. The main reason why it still matters is because the bible prohibits sex before marriage and we're free to obey His word or not


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