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what do you people think? Does Physical Purity before Marriage still matters to us today as SDA? or is it a thing of a past and obsolete and should be forgoten.....

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Hi Shiningeyes! good to hear a different perspective. can You talk more of your stand in this issue?...... thanks....
This is a serious topic. All I can say is the devil is at work and just like it was before, so shall it be in these last days.
When the Israelites were in the valley of Shittim, they were seduced by gorgeous Moabite babes (Num. 25) reason to make Israel weak, because God would definitely forsake them if they indulged in such acts.

I think everyone has to search his or her own heart and see if there's any wicked way. From what I've observed the church in Europe and Americas is not so strict when it comes to searching, locating and discipline the culprits. On the same note, It's a personal thing either to fight the feelings and become victorious or give in to the demands of the flesh and disobey the Lord.

The Lord is good to us, whoever knows to the right should do the right thing, those with kids, they should do their work in educating them about the sin of this age.
We have no idea if Joseph had slept with potiphar's wife whether he'd have become a Governor in Egypt.
Physical purity before marriage is still important till the Lord shall return. But there exists reasons why the youth of today have indulged in pre-marital sex.

I've noted that these days sex sells, sex sells products such as cars, food, clothes even now schools/universities use it to advertise. Now the dot com era has also added insult to injury with adult movies allover. So with all that at disposal and with working hormones people are tempted to try out things, but still there exists God's faithful who will stand for the truth even though it means to stay single till enternity.

Ps. 139:23,24 "Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting."
Matt. 5:48 "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect."
thanks Sammy, that's a very enlightening thougts...
Im sorry sammy, you cannot say that the church in America or where ever in the world is not strict... you know... Adventist churches vary from Country to State to Province, Counties, regions... even church congregations... For example, the church in Indian or Sri lanka allows a chain around a woman's neck as a sign of marriage.... but the Church in America would find that to be jewlery... now it is the culture in the east to wear that chain... but it is not in the West...

Also... the church does not control individual's actions... They do teach the truth... and just like God gave us the freedom of choice... The church gives them too... and dont you think... that maybe the family should have done something about it... rather than blaming the church?

Judge not, that ye be not judged.
Matthew 7:1
Sammy. Your quote "...the church in Europe and Americas is not so strict when it comes to searching, locating and discipline the culprits" SCARES ME. Do you really think that is the function of the church?

But I don't want hijack this thread on sexual purity, I started a new discussion of this issue here:

Please let me know what you think about this there. Thx!
God changes not and so is His word. The Bible has never run obsolete and is as fresh and applicable today as it was in Adams' time. Beloved, God is so particular about His word that He sent His son to die as an atonement for sin. This same God prohibits sex before marriage and i think it still holds and even more among the remenant church which professes to keep the commandments of God to the letter. it is to our own good for God never prevents us from achieving anything good
you see... God knows us... because He created us... people say... Oh God is just cutting you out from living your life to the fullest... but no... He knows what you would face if you have pre marital sex... infact science proves soo manny things such as people that have multiple sexual partners cannot be married and sexually satisfied... or if you look at the bible times... where Solomon talks about sex and compare it to a sex video today... it is degrading... sex is turned from something beautiful into something soo cheap!

I was told that i was a wedding gift to myself... nicely wrapped up with a pretty bow... you see... i knew wat the gift was... and i knew i wanted it... but i can only open it on my wedding day... but you see... im curious... lets say taking off the bow was like kissing someone... after that bow is removed... i can put that bow back together... but it wont be as pretty or nice as it was the first time... it is the same with any physical contact with someone...

God knows what He is doing... He has always ment well... we should never question His word... because we do not know what we are doing... or going... but He does... so lets give God the benifit of the doubt!
thanks Sonia for that liberal points of view, it gives balance. we can't absolutely be onesided.
Physical purity is not all. we should seek to be physically mentally emotionally n spirtually pure before marriage that way we are whollistically ready to share our lives with our partner.
Amen. Well put. There are so many people in church who are physically pure but mentally not. And then because they know of others who may have not preserved themselves in their past life, that one who is 'pure' tries to project their own feelings & thoughts on the one who's not so pure. I know it sounds vague, here's an example...

I'm a single mom, so before God I didn't preserve myself for marriage. Then years later I'm at church & love God. A guy visit our church from another country & one day I invited him over for dinner because someone else had the week before. We were making him feel welcome so he wouldn't have to sit by himself in his hotel room during his stay in the states. Well there was a girl who has been preserved who happened to come to the house at the same time as him because she was going somewhere with the other members of the house & she felt it wasn't safe for us to be alone and that my heart needed to be guarded, etc. & she didn't even know anything about the situation. There were other situations too, where she liked a guy & thought I liked him too & she made comments about ME keeping my heart pure, etc. when I wasn't even thinking about sex with either guy. It's happened more than once that this person has tried to make it seem like others were feeling or thinking certain things when they weren't. It's annoying.
Here is a poem that I wrote that fits this discussion... I believe that it brings up what no one seems to mention in church moderated discussions of pre-marital sex... Feel free to share it, if you think it can help somebody - just attribute it to the author (i.e. me)

God Bless You - Rachel Josil

And pray,
That ye enter not into temptation.
This is what the Good Book says.
And having entered in to a certain type of tempting
Over and over again to the detriment of my integrity
Damaging pieces of me in ways I am still realizing,
I can say with all certainty:
I don’t want to have sex before I am married;
I don’t want to have “almost sex but not really” before I am married;
I don’t want to have “kind of” sex before I am married;
I don’t want to have “depending on how you look at it sex” before I am married;
I don’t want to have “leading almost up to” sex before I am married;
I don’t want to have leading up to what leads up to having sex before I am married;
I don’t want to have “would be sex except the clothes were we on" before I am married;
I don’t want to have what makes me think about what sex would be like before I am married;
I don’t want to have what I have already had;
I don’t want to have anymore sex before I am married.
I want God accepted,
God blessed,
Guilt-free morning-afters…
With my husband…
Bone of his bones
Flesh of his flesh
His own
And his only
Chosen for him by God
Chosen by him through God
Till death do us part
That’s what I want
That really is what I want
There is, however, a saying:
Unhappiness is trading what you want most
For what you want at the moment
And I, at the moment
I want what I don’t want
The spirit indeed is willing
But the flesh is weak
And sin lies at the door desiring to consume me
And I sit here looking at the door desiring to be consumed
But I do not dare move
For the love of Christ constrains me
To watch
And pray
To be still
And pray
To study
And pray
To fast
And pray
To believe
And pray
To submit
And pray, and pray, and pray, and pray
That I not enter into temptation again.
For the enemy would gladly give me an earthly bridegroom
In a valiant attempt to reestablish a separation
Between me and my Lord the Christ
Who annulled our writ of divorcement with His blood
On Calvary
Lord, do not permit me to be blinded by shadows
But give me the mind of Christ that my eye would truly be single
So that what I want most and what I want at the moment are
One in the same
To simply
And faithfully
glorify Your name.
You know, a few quarters ago the lesson study book had the theme "Family life" or something like that. And for me it was an eye opener, cause I did have sex before I got married, to learn that when 2 people have intercourse they are uniting and we can only be united if God is in our midst.
If people had told me that (maybe they did, but I didn't lhear it or listen) that sex is also about unification with God, I wouldn't have sex at that time. It didn't feel good, because after all you know that you are acting wrongly. But know I know why!

I'm 40 now and married, but I want to tell everybody, please take heed of what I just wrote and be blessed while you keep your body until marriage!


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