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what do you people think? Does Physical Purity before Marriage still matters to us today as SDA? or is it a thing of a past and obsolete and should be forgoten.....

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Nice topic for discussion! I agree that physical purity before marriage still matters. Pre-marital sex as well as extra-marital sex should be shunned off. Health wise, conscience wise! Sex is sacred that should be shared ONLY by couples who are joined thru marriage.

Let us remember that "marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge" Heb.13:4. Reading this text tells us too that we should present our bodies to our groom/bride untainted.
*rolls eyes* Oh Please.
Heres reality. Premarital sex is rampant in the SDA church. I'll bet that 99.9 % of our preteens and teenagers do not have the spiritual fortitude and maturity to resist sexual temptation when they have grown up in a world where sexualisation of children is the norm and in a church that is more interested in Bible Prophecy and religious dogma then protecting our young people against the constant stream of sex in the media and in society. I wonder if the choice to not be sexually active before marriage is now more a cultural enforcement through fear rather then a spiritual choice due to a relationship with Jesus.
Oh I love these comments where we all slap each others backs in agreement of sexual purity most of us already having had sex. You can be the king of retrospect when youve already been there done that, but you just end up sounding like a know it all. When was the last time you spoke to a pre-teen or a teenager about your views on sex on a constant basis.
Ill bet NEVER.
Yet we are competing against a world that offers them sex in discreet and blatant ways every single day.
Its not what we think about physical purity before marriage that is important, hello most of us are christian adults, its not likely you'll find a christian saying oooooh i love porn in the morning just before my devotion.
Whats important is what our children, preteens and teenagers think about it. And what are you doing personally to educate, encourage and enlighten.
Very good point Newton. It is true, in the Bible, to "know" a woman meant to have had "intercourse" with her... once a man had intercourse with a woman she was his wife... even when a man has intercourse with a harlot, in the eyes of the Lord the two have become husband and wife for they have become one flesh... 1 Cor.6:16... so you can imagine why the Bible counsels us not to have intercourse with a woman unless you want to be married to that woman for the act itself is what constitutes marriage in the sight of the Lord...

If a man and a woman love each other and they cannot control themselves and they have intercourse, they have now become one flesh and in the eyes of the Lord they are married and they are husband and wife... so in that sense there is no such thing as "sex" before marriage for it is the marriage itself.

Am i right or wrong?

p.s. but for someone who does not understand that to have intercourse is the act of marriage itself, to him it is only having "sex" before marriage...
i like the subject but it's not for us. Jesus said He did not come to change the law but to fulfil it. He said again, as long as the world exists, not even a jot of the law shall pass away. God does never change, He is the same yesterday , today n forever. what is the hurry for? There is time and season for everything, time to abstain/refrain, time to give away. right friends?be blessed.
Without any doubt in our minds we know that sex before marriage in wrong and God frowns on it,the fact that we stuggle with it and even fall to it doesn't make it okay.The world today might make it sound old fashioned but then God's law is as current and relevant today as it was before.
Absolutely Yes. I believe what God forbid is for our best. I believe it is hard to be loyal and respect if you have been doing pre-marital sex. In fact, sex has killed the pure or true love in our young generation. They feel that they love truly but eventually, not very long after commitment, they get bored. it is because what they have is lust not love. Love last forever and lust is always last than ever (ha ha ha). God bless you.
It doesn't if only you can say with certainty that the God who was worshipped in the days of old has changed, His standards has change and His judgement has changed.

But the good book tells me that "For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed" Mal 3:6 KJV

As long as God changeth not, we cannot expect to discard the faith of our fathers, for if the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do?

We often refer to God as the God of Abraham, the God of Jacob, the God of Joseph, the God of Isaac, among others; meaning we are still worshipping the God these people worshipped.

In particular, Joseph, one of these people whose God we are worshipping said "how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?" Gen 39:9 KJV

If you consider premarital sex as sin, then you would not do this great wickedness and sin against God.

May God strengthen us to flew from all youthful lust. For though our flesh and heart fails, God is the strength of our heart and portion forever - Psalm 73:26
Its interesting to view different oppinion from all of u about this topic. What advice will u give for the one who has already defiled, who had gone against gods law, Does God still loving and forgivng? I remeber the story of the adultrous women, where God forgave her sinns instantly and i do remember the story of God's prophet who was asked to marry a Adultrous women, what is ur opinion about that?
I have had pre-marital sex many times with many different women, over 50 at least. That is bad, I know. I know it is wrong, and I have started to mend my ways. I have had women take me out to dinner just so I would sleep with them. But I am trying to put that behind me, and trying to settle just on one lady.
I hope she is your wife ....
I know I need to get married.
Not so sure that would be the remedy at this point.
It might just bring more heart ache unless other changes are made.


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