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Hey just a question, this is something that always plagued my mind.
If a woman can get baptized during her pregnancy on either:

1. pregnancy outside marriage
2. pregnancy inside marriage

I'm writing a novel right now and so I'm on a chapter where something like this is about
to happen and I need to get a good definite answer on it first and then I'll know how to progress.

*Spoiler* the girl in my book got pregnant outside marriage


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I think as long as, she accepts and lives the truth, she could be baptized even if she is pregnant inside or outside marriage.
Thanks for your answer. I also spoke to a friend of mine last night and he said a friend of his got baptized when she was pregnant too. She got pregnant before she became SDA though.
I have a friend who was pregnant when she was baptized. She was married. Now if someone got pregnant outside of marriage and then got to know God & desired to be baptized she should not be denied. She should be able to show her commitment to the Lord.
Yes of course,once the person is truely committed and trust God He will do the rest. He says come as you are.
Whether or not she is married, it is appropriate - as long as it would not harm her or the baby during the process.

Baptism is a sign of commitment to God. She can be committed while pregnant. The sex is the sin, if done outside marriage, the pregnancy isn't.

All the best with the book.
Baptism is not about being pregnant inside and outside the church. Baptism happens when a person recognizes he is a sinner, his need for grace, and that Jesus is the only way out from this sinful world. Thus baptism is a public declaration of this need and a testimony of dying to the old way of life and resurrected into the new. Hence whether the woman is pregnant in or out of marriage is irrelevant. The fact is she must be baptised regardless of her situation.

No one came to baptism with a perfect past except Jesus himself. I suggest we leave out the hypocrisy of pointing to what happen to people's lives such as pregnant women outside of marriage. Salvation is for all without qualification!
It is our human nature that points out
My mom was baptized when she was 4mos pregnant of me.. hehehe Of course, she was married to my dad!!
It would not matter to God if she is pregnant or not. It is not the child being baptized but the woman. Her decision to follow the example of Jesus and His command to be baptized should not be changed just because she is pregnant.

If the woman became pregnant outside of marriage isn't that the same as anyone else having sinned and coming to the Father for forgiveness? We all live with the results of our sinning. I see no difference here.
Inside marriage: she can be baptized.

Outside marriage: No problem unless she is till with the father-to-be.


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