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In this discussion please list any issues that you would like members of this site to pray about. Feel free to say that your request is unspoken for those things that are just too personal to make public. Once you post your request here, there will be hundreds of site members praying for you by name! We pray for these requests daily. :-)

There is now a "Prayer Warrior" Group set up to pray for all of these petitions and praises:
Prayer Warrior Group

Please write your prayer request or praise below.

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Prayer request from a friend....Please, let's us remember this request in our prayers...Thanks..God bless.

To all my folks, i believe when we r one in prayers then for sure we'll get repply from above, Amen!
I wanna share a special request again with all u, we have another very extreme premature who was born with 900grs and hes connect to the artificial respirator machine, getting worst everyday with just 3days of life, last nite started bleeding and 4sure will need transfusion and many things more. Plus that hes "down syndrome", hes the 1st baby of this madure couple. My dearest folks i know God takes in 1st place request from the heart of a mother and shes learning already how to take Gods hands specially in a fire times, like u and I know. This cutie has not yet a name but the family is "Guillen Luis" ....we'll really appreciate and will thanksfull to all our folks who will make one in prayers with us.
All blessings to u and loved ones
i'll be in touch and hope back with amazing news...Lets trust in God
Happy Sabbath to everyone and Great Week in ahead too

With love and care
Constanza (kitty)

From Peru - South America
Hello Bro Ronnie,

Yes the LORD is so merciful. please i want you to talk with my friend here in china, shes a member in this site too Cindy Duan, she was baptised and dont fully believed that there is GOD in this world. and now she stop attending sabbath..and please pray for her.

God bless you

Hi All at AO! Please pray for my friend Russ, he is in his early thirties and has a malignant lung cancer, he has a wife and little boy.The LORD has blessed him for years and he has outlived anyone with this type of cancer. He was trying to become a pastor and has gone to many churches to share his testimony, he has become a great worker for the LORD. His cancer has gone into remission a few times, but now its gone from his lungs to his liver and we're not sure if he'll make it this time, so please pray for him brothers and sisters!

God Bless ~Matt
Please pray for me, it's been getting harder to find job at my age, 54. A job that will not interfere with our sabbath days. Also, I have an unspoken request, only God knows how I feel. Thanks so much to the prayer warrior.
Im praying for salvation from evil and sin im praying that I will receive eternal life nad that God will welcome me home to share new life with him and regards my earthly needs im praying for a job nad money for a ticket to return to trinidad and tobago to be with my son.
I need prayer for my family
Please pray for missionaries around the world, especially in places where they are being thrown into jail for telling people about Jesus Christ. Pray for their protection, that they may continue in close connection with God and allow Him to lead them. Pray also that those who hear the message will heed the call of the Holy Spirit.
Please help me pray for a family member that he may accept Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior and the Advent message.
I would like to thanks to God for all blessing that HE has done in my life. And i would like to pray all Filipino jobless here in Thailand. And i would like to pray myself to give me more knowledge and strength from Him and allow me to share this and specially to all my Buddhist students to shine the true light for them. I would like to pray the peace in all nations. I'd pray my cousin jhen to her condition and health. i hope that God continually give her more chance. I would like to pray my AO friends and good family in this site. Thanks to God for all trials comes my way and to all my daily life. Amen
pls pray for me this graduation day!i hope ill march...because its so sad if it would be next year.....but thats the big dream of mine and anyone...and my mom wnts to witness that event..pls pray for my mother's safety too.....shes coming this MAY 18, the philippines from other country(shes an OFW)..thank u all!!!and Godbless!!!
i pray for cous...and blessed u forever with your family as well. And always keep God in ur heart. take care cous. miss u.
"Please pray for this depression to leave me. Overwhelmed. I humble myself before the Lord for favor for my family for provisions. Please pray for Martha, Cheryl Kathy Devin Paul MAria Kabkeo Chris Mike for blessings for family financial health. God Bless you all"


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