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In this discussion please list any issues that you would like members of this site to pray about. Feel free to say that your request is unspoken for those things that are just too personal to make public. Once you post your request here, there will be hundreds of site members praying for you by name! We pray for these requests daily. :-)

There is now a "Prayer Warrior" Group set up to pray for all of these petitions and praises:
Prayer Warrior Group

Please write your prayer request or praise below.

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please pray for in need of prayer...i have practical exam today..but im not ready yet..hope i can please my prof tomorrow...hope i can is my repeat..because..he didnt like my performance lasttime..:-( i was so down...i'll appreciaten your prayers..Godbless

May you pray for me too for my report tomorrow and quiz...they're kinda stressful both...reporting is dfficult on my weakness..pls pray for wisdom and good skill and lastly,another chance of my repeat of practical exam or extension of beg my prof or touch his heart...thanks..i'll aprreciate!Godbless

Forgive me for this long time request of mine...may God touch your hearts...pls pray for me hard..tomorrow is my practical exam..i really need it..i need support from you my brethren..i would appreciate it much..Godbless..

I am asking for special prayer for my son.  He is back in the hospital and not doing well.  In fact, he was nearly transported from the hospital he was in to another one, because the situation is that serious.  He has been fighting the pseudomonous pneumonia for while, but it has taken a turn for the worst.  I want to be with him, however, I have to be a single parent for my daughter while my son is in the hospital.

Actually, it has gotten from bad to worse, he had to be transported to Children's Hospital by ambulance.  He is on IV antibiotics, and they had to suction a great deal of pneumonia from his lungs.  It doesn't look like he is coming home anytime soon.  I have been enslaved to work without a paycheck, and try to hold it all together on this end, while my wife has to hold it together on her end.


I'm asking that you all pray for the conversion of my husband Jason. He will be going to church with me for the first time, probably this coming Sabbath. Thank you so much for your prayers. 

I left my abuser of 30 years for good on May 27, 2013 (the day my birthday) I've left him many times before but always went back to him. I’ve been on a journey for the last 4 months. It seems like a life time since I left the life that I was comfortable living although disfunctional. I left my children, my grandchildren all behind to start my life anew. I quit smoking on April 20, 2013, my granddaughters birthday. I've never felt GOD so close as HE was too me on this journey. I started in NE Pennsylvania and drove cross country to San Francisco, CA on pure faith. It awns’t planned it just happened. I was alone but I wasn't alone...HE, My Jesus was with me all the way, Praise GOD.
  My journey continues now that I'm home on my aina beautiful....Hawaii nei. I’m trying to hold fast to GOD in Faith. ..Letting HIM do HIS Great Work,,, But I will not be at peace until I am reunited with my children.
  I knew this day was coming...GOD spoke to me prior too...spoke to me thrum my children many times...even to point of giving them visions of the future.
  GOD spoke to us...I told them (my children) they were going on their own journey. And that is exactly whats happening.
  My question is: The abuser continues to abuse not me but my children who cannot escape Satan and his power and control over them. Lucifer tried to destroy e by this persons physical, mental and emotional abuse but GOD delivered me, AMEN. My fear is for my children. They are grown adults ut my heart goes out to them. I feel helpless yet I’m so happy to be free, I am lonely but I count my blessings daily. My heartaches because my grandchildren suffer the most. this man but still continues to keep my children under his power and control.
   I'm far away...I don’t know what to say or do...Please HELP ME I pray....HOW LONG do I have to wait to be free from my ENEMIES? Free from the Hurt, the Pain and the Agony? Please pray for me and my children: Carolyn, Keone, Makalena,Leihua Nani, & Kona Isaiah Weber. Mahalo Nui

Hello All, I thank El Shaddai that I have lived to see one more day above the ground.  I knew when my feet hit the floor this morning the devil frowned "oh no she is up" but I thank God for his grace and mercy.  I would like you to pray that I get a job urgently. I am almost ready tat rock bottom, I know that God is the Rock at the bottom, so please remember me in your prayers.

Dear all prayer warriors

I greet you all in the name of God i have a prayer request brethren i completed my Collage now asking you to pray for me to find a decent Job,to be independent and to always walk in the path of God.Thank you all for the great work that you are doing my God bless you all.

hello brotheren! My name
is Banina Eric. i am an SDA christian living in
Uganda. i am a student at Bugema University
(an SDA bassed University in Uganda) doing
Bechalor of Business Administration mojoring in
Accounting (BBA/A). i finished year 1 but i could
not continue due to lack of tuition to continue.
so please beloved of God, help me if u can and
u can help me tell someone that you know can
help. i really want to finish my bachelors but i
havent any money to continue. its very hard
here to find a job before one has graduated.
please if you know of any one who can help. please also put me in your prayers. i
will be si grateful. be blessed. thanks.

Please pray for me and my son. At this time, my family and I  are in need of prayer.

Thank you.

Done!  My prayers are you and your family.


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