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In this discussion please list any issues that you would like members of this site to pray about. Feel free to say that your request is unspoken for those things that are just too personal to make public. Once you post your request here, there will be hundreds of site members praying for you by name! We pray for these requests daily. :-)

There is now a "Prayer Warrior" Group set up to pray for all of these petitions and praises:
Prayer Warrior Group

Please write your prayer request or praise below.

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this evening our church starts evangelist week.please,do pray for this work.
Lord, I pray with Dorina that the evangelistic series would do a good work in the hearts of the hearers and learners. Open hearts to the calling of Your Spirit, and bring in the sheaves as they respond to Your invitation.

In Jesus Name, amen
thank You,sister Sylvia.we intend to have it gain in January.blesses....
I'd like to please ask for a prayer for my husband. We are going thru a very dificul time and he is farther away from Christ and his family every day. Please pray for him. Thank you.
Heavenly Father, I lift up Angelica's husband to you right now. You know his heart, Lord. You know the difficulties this couple are facing. Please do a mighty work of restoration in this husbands heart and spirit. Help them with the trials they are going through.

Be with Angelica and help her to model Your love to her husband, with actions, not necessarily with words. Give her peace when she can do all she can do, and help her to trust in You for the outcome. Help her remember, though it is so hard, that her husband must make his own decisions, and she is not responsible for that.

May your Spirit be in this home, and in their heart.

In Jesus Name, amen
Thank you for that wonderful prayer. God Bless You.
Heavenly Father, I pray for Chad and for the pain in his back. Please place Your healing hand on him and give him ease from pain. If he must see a physician, please find him one who can really help.

May he find that special lady for his future wife, and may she have the talents and interests that Chad needs. May Chad also be the person that she would need and that he would fulfill that place of need in her heart.

May he find a job, one that will be beneficial for him and for any family You may have for him in the future.

And may He continue to trust You, that you have his best interests in heart. These times seem to be difficult for so many of us. May he place his life in Your hands, and surrender to Your will completely, accepting that which You have for him, and rejoicing in his standing with You as a child of God and an heir to the Kingdom.

In Jesus Name, amen
We hope to get the city permit to occupy our new place of worship soon. Please pray that the city will grant us the permit.
Heavenly Father, I pray that the city would grant the pemit for Melinda's group to occupy their new home. Touch their hearts that this permit would go through soon.

In Jesus Name, amen
Thank you Sylvia. May God answer our prayers soon.
Heavenly Father, please be with Jamie and increase his faith. Give him a burning desire for study of Your Word, prayer, praise and fellowship. May he find peace in keeping the Sabbath, and courage to witness to his employer by asking for that day off (perhaps offering to work another day?).

So many are in the same situation of living paycheck to paycheck. I pray for Jamie, and others, that You would keep them in Your care and provide those things that are needed. May Jamie find a job that he could enjoy, and may he be a light to those he works with, no matter where You wish him to be.

Open hearts, Lord, and may this family find strength and peace in You, trusting that You are always with them in all things.

In Jesus Name, amen
My walk with God is not as strong as it used to be. Somehow, i have slipped and fell, i feel hard to get back to the Lord. I request that you pray for me that the Lord may fight my battle with the devil for me... I also request that you pray for my friend who is sick and admitted in hospital. Pray for my Girlfriend too, that she gets school-fees for the next semester and even this semester. Pray for her coming exams. Please pray too for my love relationship That the Lord may take full control. Thanks-giving for the many Blessings that God has continously shown me despite my sinfull nature. For the blessing of Attachment, and for the blessing of life each and every day


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