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In this discussion please list any issues that you would like members of this site to pray about. Feel free to say that your request is unspoken for those things that are just too personal to make public. Once you post your request here, there will be hundreds of site members praying for you by name! We pray for these requests daily. :-)

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Hi brothers and sister,

       I need prayer about my marriage because i don't know what i need to do. My husband loves his bestfriend man more than me. Many people advice me to divorce my husband but untill now it's very difficult for me to accept that will have broken marriage. Thank you so much for all that will help me through prayers. God bless.

I will keep you before the Lord. He will see you through this.

Hi, thank you Sister Ezra.. God bless


Eunice, are you saying you believe your husband is in a homosexual relationship with his best friend or that he values his male (platonic) friendships more?  I just want to be clear.

Will be praying for the Holy Spirit to lead you as to what He will have you do.  =)  *hugs*

Hi Sarah , thank you so much for praying on my situation.

the bestfriend man of my husband is a muslim,  the clothes/things of his bestfriend is already here before we live together as husband and wife.When i'm in other country, i chatted with my husband, i saw one man in webcam sleeping in his bed for 1 week and again the next day i saw one man in a webcam ,this man is taking something on my husbands table. His bestfriend man never talk to me or even say ''hi'' to me, his bestfriend man called 20 times a day , asking what we doing with my husband and what time we go home. My husband send 200 euro every month to his bestfriend man send bank to bank , when my husband go out with his bestfriend ,my husband pay all the bills of restaurant and other bills.His bestfriend is always free. And one time, we took a train with my husband and his bestfriend, my husband needs to go little far because he needs to talk with his sister on the mobile,and then his bestfriend followed on where my husband and sit infront of my husband,his bestfriend caress or massage my husband's legs,that's what i saw in the window glass of the train and they didn't know that i saw them.And infront of me, his bestfriend kiss my husband's face, kiss with the lips of his bestfriend on my husband face,kiss with a sound,holding the face of my husband then he kiss and after he hug my husband. I ask my husband, if its true about what i feel that there is a gay? and my husband's replied ( if my brother is gay, my bestfriend is gay or me is gay? what will you do? ) and i was really broken of what i heard because it sound's like his answer is ( YES ) and i answered my husband ( i cannot accept it,because i got married to a real man not with a gay or homo), and my husband replied ( you discriminate gays!), and i answered my husband ( i didn't discriminate gays,homo,lesbian or any third sex because even me, i have gay,lesbian friends. And then , i ask my husband again ( if i let you choose between me and your bestfriend, who will you choose?) my husband answered me ( of course i choose my bestfriend rather than you, because me and my bestfriend are been together for a very long time and you,yes you! you are my wife but we just got married, so i choose my bestfriend, my bestfriend is more than a family and more than a wife!) so i continue crying and broken, i felt i got crazy that time hearing and knowing i got married to this kind of person.

If your husband is homosexual and is not willing to separate himself from his best friend lover, then you have Biblical grounds to divorce....IF that were SARAH, I would.  

I pray that the HOLY SPIRIT will lead you into what you need to do FOR YOU--BEFORE there are any children to further complicate this situation.  I will be actively praying for you on this one.... 

So sorry to hear your story,Eunice. Will keep you in my prayers.

I have several requests right now. I am glad this discussion was started. What a great way to see Gods handiwork. My daughter has a friend at school who is battling brain cancer. She completed treatment in November and now has a new tumor which is also cancerous. She is very weak from the treatment she just completed. Things do not look good for her. Please pray for her and for my daughter as she may be losing her dear friend.

My sister is in the late stages of diabetis. She has lost one leg already to the disease and now has a sore on her remaining leg that could cause it to be taken as well. Please pray that this sore will heal so she does not lose her remaining leg. She is a single parent with an 11 year old and a 19 year old at home. They need her.

And finally, please pray for my son. He is a typical teenage boy who is struggling to find his place in the world. He does not have a personal relationship with God and needs to find God for himself and know that God is real. Please pray for him to find God soon.

Thanks, prayer is so important in these days we are living in.
Sister Becky, I will pray for your concerns. Keep the faith. Sometimes it's hard to when we see all that is happening around us, but God be praised, He still proves His love for us in many ways. Have a blessed Sabbath.

Hi sister Becky I will pray for your daughter friend, and your sister. Our God is an awesome God,

he  still is in the healing business. He loves us all!

just want to ask all the members to pray for member # 329.I sure most of us have teen agers and we show them that we love them very much.Please let us dont ignore the fact that she is not an adventist,this is why we are.This is why she was sent here.
Thank you all this is very important.
I will pray for #329 being a parent of a teenager really can be intimidating and scary...I will also pray that being here on this site will encourage them to come to a better knowledge and understanding of Christ.


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