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In this discussion please list any issues that you would like members of this site to pray about. Feel free to say that your request is unspoken for those things that are just too personal to make public. Once you post your request here, there will be hundreds of site members praying for you by name! We pray for these requests daily. :-)

There is now a "Prayer Warrior" Group set up to pray for all of these petitions and praises:
Prayer Warrior Group

Please write your prayer request or praise below.

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My prayers go up for her success. Tell her though that she should not worry about the exam, once she does her part and prepares for it, God will do the rest. Personally, when I was studying, exams were my favorite thing, I just love and enjoy exams.
I thank God that i found this site, it helps more with my spiritual growth.Im so thankful in my life that there is God who abide and left up on me in times of trouble, he was there all the time.In him i trust
i need a God-fearing young lady for serious relationship this year. i believe in what God will do. pray for me.
Faith101 on this site is my daughter.......she was a very premature baby and has always been a bit on the sickly side. To make along story short she has just called from school not feeling well....she is a very intelligent and sweet child and has been sick with her sinuses over the past few months with the last month being the most severe.

Please lift her up in your prayers...she has a strong belief in God and talks to him a lot about her prob but I'm asking that you add your prayers with ours.

Thank you.
The good thing is that the God whom we serve and call our friend is the greatest physician. As we all pray, let us believe like the Levite that God will heal and make well and that even before we can ask, your daughter will be fine.
he that start to work in us will finish it, let him the time to finish tjhe work he has start on your daughter, just have faith in him......
To everyone out there praying for us. Thanks the prayers are needed and welcomed, continue to pray for me amd my family as I pray for you, your family and friends.

CJ if u do get the day of i will be truly happy and greatful for the company...I forgot to ask for prayer for Derrika too, she will be at the same school at Tpooh. I do hope Az is feeling better,I will pray for her, that's my baby too.

Ashley I do pray that God will be with you and your beautiful family.

Please pray for my niece as she also has exams the same day as my daughter.

Thank you all and God bless.
I have external exams, I am doing an associate degree in teaching
That is soo wonderful! God expects us to be the best we can be. Remember we are to be the head and not the tail. I will pray for you success. God Bless!
Now that it is clear that the world is on its close of history i think we need God now more than before so I am requesting prayer for Spiritual Stamina and Faith to continue running this race. I would also like special prayers for a friend of mine undergoing exams and lastly for guidance in my relationship
Ladies and gentlemen just reading the responses to my prayer requests has me literally in tears. There is so much love even though some of us have not met each other. God be praised....
Thank you so much.....your words alone are an inspiration to is so overwhelming at times this 'challenge' that we call life....and it is with a great feeling of anticipation that I come to this site on a very regular basis so that I can feel the love and hope and joy that loving the Lord Jesus brings.

Please let us as a group pray for this site and its 'creator' that God will continue to bless him and this site and that through this site we will continue to be encouraged and to encourage each other.

Lets pray for those on this site who might not be SDA members but heard about this site, that being here will bring them to Christ who is life eternal and for those who are being persecuted even now in Jesus name to remain strong and faithful.

God be Praised.......Halleluiah...Prise the Lord...Glory to His Name.
I have this news to share with you guys this happy Sabbath evening.

I did not mention to my daughter that I asked you to pray for her and this evening she called to say she did not have a headache at all at school I mentioned that I asked you to pray for her and she said to say thank you for her.....she was real overwhelmed and said that God really answers pray.

Thank you for your prayers for me as well.

Happy Sabbath


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