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I have just finished reading Dr Koranteng-Pimpim's book "Must We Be Silent?" and learnt with some disappointment that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is segregated along racial lines in the North American Division. We have 'black' and 'white' Conferences. One of the reasons for this he said is because white and black people feel "uncomfortable" worshipping together in the same premise. Will we have seperate heavens for black and white when the Lord comes to take His redeemed homw? What do you think of this arrangement?

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"Even if we did away with all "segregation" in the SDA denomination, but the heart is not right in each person there will be problems. That is just the way sin acts." So True.
My God!!! i can`t belive that....
no,God loves us all;He created us ,how can He make diferences between black`s and white?
(Gen1:26) " Then God said: "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness"
see?He said.
We were made by His image,and He love us ,no matter if we are black or white.
We all are brothers and sister,and our "duty" is to love each others.
I think it right to stai together ,and worshipping in the same premise.
I wish to make more friends blacks,because they needs to be loved,and for them too,Jesus died.
God bles all white and blacks people!
The church I go to is very multicultural and I love that about it but I have noticed some prejudices that have occurred while I've been there and it's very disconcerting. I remember even when I first started going there we had a church picnic & I took pictures while I was there. Well someone else, who I guess was the church photographer at the time had put up a poster board with the pics they had taken at the same picnic & it did not look like the same picnic at all. Mine had a whole bunch of people of different ethnicities & stuff while theirs looked like a picnic of only white people. I was disappointed. Also when the Final Events dvd came out I heard that some racist people were saying things like 'see, only white people will be in heaven!' & stuff like that. Now with the Great Controversy thing they tried to make sure to put more ethnicities in as angels & stuff. Whenever they ask for people to sit in for pics or to try out for stuff I try to be a part of it & have my son get involved as well.

Like others have said, sin is the root of the problem. God is no respecter of persons & will not choose one type or another over each other. We are all his children.
I think that the SDA church is hurt very much by it's segregation, especially when other churches have already joined or were always joined. We are losing many people annually, and I think we need to do some drastic Biblical changes to be in full agreeance with the Bible so that people can see that we really love each other and that we really love God!
The segregation from my experience and knowledge is not being forced on anyone. The truth is that the different races generally want to be with others of their race, culture, or language. That is only normal. My wife is Mexican and my children like speaking Spanish, so it is not surprising they like going to Sabbath school where Spanish is spoken and where there are others there similar to them.

Same with most whites and most blacks. I don't see anything wrong with that. Blacks and anyone else is welcome at our church. Our head elder is black.

If you want to stop the black conferences, the best way to do that is to persuade blacks to think as you do and get them to make their desires known on the local conference level as well as the GC level.
I always wondered about that. I even heard one individual say that being black is a consequence of sin. However, I would like to make a parallel between black and white and jews and gentiles.Christ came and said that there is no longer any distinction, we are all one in christ Jesus. If we are one body, can we then separate the upper body from the lower, or the right side from the left? I belive that this distinction is based on pride and prejudice and pride is not of God, neither is prejudice.
Hi Dale,

I have heard the same comment, that being black is a consequence of sin, but that cannot be. The Bible tells us that when we get to heaven we will be known as we are known right now. If my skin color is changed will I still be known as I am now? I think not. And look at the different colors of flowers around us. Is that a consequence of sin too?

You used the analogy of the body being one in Christ. I'd like to point out that in our bodies there are seperate parts: liver, kidneys, brain, toe nails, bones, etc. Being one in Christ does not mean that we are no longer individuals nor that we will not like one thing over another.

I would have to disagree with your statement where you said, "I belive that this distinction is based on pride and prejudice" for the same reason I just pointed out. There is distinction in each of us, but that does not make my eye any better than my heart.

Both Dale and Danny K say they have heard individuals say being black is a consequence of sin.

I'd be interested in knowing if you heard it from SDAs. And did the people saying this use some evidence from the Bible?

Mormon's believe that darker skinned people are born dark because of what they did in heaven before they were born on this earth. But of course SDAs have no such belief.

I'd be shocked if I heard an SDA saying that being black is a consequence of sin. I am sure there may be a few individuals who believe this, but it is certainly not a general or accepted view in the church. It's also never taught by anyone with any kind of influence or authority, either, as far as I've seen.

I'll go ahead right here and now and apologize to you for any white person who's ever said such a thing. It only shows ignorance of how the different races came into being.
May be there are things that I would not be able to understand when I think it doesn't matter. This is what I observe.

In my place, sabbath school classes are conducted according to languages because in Malaysia there are many languages especially in capital cities. Some churches also conducted based on language (official or unofficial). So, people will go to church in which they are comfortable with. It is just a matter of in which community you are comfortable to express your opinion and to grow.

Anyhow, we do have camp activities that everyone will get involved irregardless of race, language, education, status, etc. Camp is one way to overcome divisions in churches no matter what the reasons behind it. I think that is what camp is for; to overcome differences. The rest is up to our own attitude.

My situation may differ from Ms Yawa Asafo of this question is thinking, Just an opinion
These problems are diverse; so today they are known as " curtain walls " as one the Theologian named them. It is not only racial but tribal, economic-class, gender,generational etc. The big word here is prejudice; the early church had this problem, you are either "a Jew or a Gentile"
Precisely, prejudice is a symptom of underlying disease found in Mark 7:20-22. But you can recall Apostle Peter story when he had a vision- a table before him was spread with different kind of food ; told to eat. This was simply sharing the Gospel with Gentile when God commanded him to go the Centurion Cornelius home.
Peter again going back to his Jews people had been put to task to explain why he was mixing the Holy and "unclean". Finally the problem was addressed and arrested as in Acts11:18. The solution begin with me as an individual, look around and identify the needs, go ahead and attend to them. we'll be hold accountable individually for that which we didn't do and it was within our reach.


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